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JoinedSeptember 8, 2020
BasesWaterchunk Island, Camp Lighthouse, Nomad Games 1, George Harbor, Wild Emerald, Nomad Games 3, Limbosity, Dome City, Plot Town, Nomad Games 4, Akibahood, The Crypt, Rat House, Clout Club (Base), SBA 24, The Spike, 2b2t Oscars 2022 Base, Solaris, Polaris, Molaris, Spawnquarium, The 2b2t Museum
TypeBuilder, Map artist, Group leader
Alternative AccountsTECHSMASH, Duskrise, Dawnfalt
Currentt gang, Bookhood, Astral Brotherhood
PastInfinity Incursion, Builders Haven: Second Take, Clout Club, Eclipse

Dawnfall_ is a builder who is and has been affiliated with a wide variety of groups. He is the leader of t gang, a member of Bookhood, and was a builder at the Rat House.


Early History

Dawnfall_ discovered 2b2t through Barrendome's 2019 Flower Trail video and became interested in the server.[1] He joined the server later in 2020 after COVID-19 quarantine started along with several friends. While they quickly lost interest and left, Dawnfall_ remained. One of Dawnfall_'s friends helped him establish his first base, Waterchunk Island, which served as a gathering place for new acquaintances he met on the server, such as CamiiMC. As more people were invited to the base, a cohesive group emerged. Dawnfall_ initially named the group 't', later renaming the group t gang, by which name it is still called. In late 2020, Dawnfall_ met the leaders of the Lost Nomads, including __Omni, TimTheEnchanter, and SilverEyes2b2t. Over time, Dawnfall_ and SilverEyes2b2t become close friends, leading them to collaborate on Camp Lighthouse, and several Nomad Games events.

In late 2020, t gang as a whole decided to relocate to a more secure location for duping with the Pyro Dupe, making a stash, and ultimately starting a base. The most trusted members ventured farther out to establish the new base, which became Dawnfall_'s main base for most of the following year.

Wider Community Involvement

After the Pyro Dupe was patched, many of the t gang members became inactive, prompting Dawnfall_ to engage more actively with the broader community. Franknificant, another builder then associated with the Nomad Games, invited Dawnfall_ and other t gang members to join Infinity Incursion's building division. There, Dawnfall_ became acquainted with numerous II members, such as BachiBachBach, Kekheart, and Nameoner. Building a reputation for trustworthiness, Dawnfall_ began receiving invitations to contribute as a guest builder at various bases, such as with the Guardsmen at The Crypt and the Invincibles at Wild Emerald. Through his association with the Guardsmen, he was also invited to the Rat House.


In mid-2021, oofplux, a high-ranking member of t gang, visited Block Game Mecca for a server tour and stumbled upon a large carpet stash left in the base's so-called 'Industrial District' by its builders. Unsure of what to do with the carpet, oofplux reached out to Dawnfall_. With his experience in creating map arts, Dawnfall_ proposed the idea of constructing an 11x11 carpet monopoly board. The carpet was relocated to a building site, which was originally intended to be placed near a t gang base. However, due to a leak of the base, the carpet was moved once again to a new location, where construction began. The project became t gang's main focus on 2b2t for approximately eight months until its completion in early 2022. It was griefed shortly thereafter, firstly by Dawnfall after being warned by oofplux that Moonshine was coming to grief, and then by Moonshine itself after an alleged disagreement between the Eclipse, which oofplux and Dawnfall_ were a part of, and Moonshine. Following this, Dawnfall_ received an invitation to join an SBA spawn base, followed by a period of inactivity for a few months.

Further Community Involvement

Upon returning, Dawnfall_ reconnected with old acquaintances who were formally in II and Guardsmen, but were now in Bookhood, Astral Brotherhood, and Fifth Column following the disbandment of those groups and the migration of their former members. Many former t gang members also returned to the server. Dawnfall participated in various bases, such as 2b2t Oscars 2022 Base, Solaris, The Spike, and other bases, respectively. Dawnfall_ brought many of the t gang members to base at Solaris, Polaris, and Molaris with the Astral Brotherhood as well, before being granted full membership in Bookhood. He later built at the Spawnquarium.