Dark Souls Castle

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style= World download available.

Someone took their sweet time to save it for posterity.

Dark Souls Castle
StartedSometime during 2013
X:-12,524 Z:9,260
Approx. GriefedDecember 8, 2016
World Download
World Download (museum server - Wed Oct 26 09:41:27 2018 UTC)

The Dark Souls Castle is one of the most well-known builds on 2b2t. It was built during 2013 by the player SpoilerAlert. The iconic duel between Rusher and Fit took place here during the peaks of the Rusher War.


The castle is based off of Sen's Fortress from Dark Souls I. The castle is extremely detailed to almost perfectly replicate the original. It has massive corridors and stairs climbing around the landscape. It also has several small town areas filled with detailed markets, villagers, and livestock. It also had a ruined look to it as the builder, SpoilerAlert, intended for the castle to look that way.

Rusher War

During the heights of the Rusher War, the famous duel between Rusher and Fit took place in the Dark Souls Castle. In August 5th, 2016, Fit invited Rusher to a duel. Rusher agreed, and the two fought here. The battle ended in Fit's victory, however some people just think that this is just a duel to find out who truly is stronger in a 1v1, and that the real battle took place in The Biggest Battle in 2b2t History.


While throughout its lifespan it has had parts blown off of it or partially griefed by new players (due to how close it is to spawn), the base wasn't properly griefed until 12-8-17, where Lifeisgood72 decided to grief it with Sevorus using more than 4 inventories of TNT. Here is the album showing pictures of the base while it was being griefed.