D loaded

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D loaded
D loaded-skin.png
Approx. JoinedSeptember 2016
BasesDonfuer 10-12, 18, many small bases
CurrentGuardsmen, DonFuer
PastSpawnmasons, Vortex Coalition

D_loaded is a base builder and group leader on 2b2t, famous for being the founder of DonFuer, and being one of the first SpawnMasons. D_loaded is known most for being able to build large towns very quickly.


Early History

D_loaded was introduced to 2b2t by HermeticLock during The Rusher War, and decided to join The Vortex Coalition. During this time, he got to the status of VIP. He built the 10th Donfuer until the base was leaked by Coltsnid, and griefed by Babbaj.

Later History

After this had happened, he proceeded with DonFuer, and built many more bases on the server until June 2018, when he and the group left the server to play elsewhere, mainly Hermeticlock's now-shut down server, Anarchy Heroes. He departed from DonFuer in mid-2019, giving the reigns to dragonworm and others. D_loaded would eventually join the SpawnMasons again during the quarantine, and build the majority of COVID-2147, which he would rename DonFuer 18 before its destruction. D_loaded is now a distinguished member of the Guardsmen. He returned to DonFuer in August 2020, and assumed control when previous elder UpliftSage left.