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D loaded
JoinedSeptember 2016
BasesDonFuer 10, DonFuer 11, DonFuer 12, COVID-2147 (DonFuer 18), DonFuer 20, Adamantium, Helheim 2, Don Blåhaj, DonFuer 25, Don Maximus, FutureFuer, EveryoneBase, Geezer Town 6, Donfuer 27, many small bases
TypeGroup leader, Builder
CurrentDonFuer, Guardsmen, Graybeard Geezers
PastSpawnMasons, Vortex Coalition, Fate, and Shortbus Caliphate

D_loaded is a builder and group leader on 2b2t, the founder of DonFuer, one of the first SpawnMasons, and a founding member of the Guardsmen. He is known for being able to build large bases very quickly. The history of D_loaded is very much the history of DonFuer, and its transformation from a small collection of friends to a large group on the server.


Pre-2b2t history and DonFuer

In August 2013, D_loaded founded DonFuer, which is both the name of the group, and its series of flagship bases. He played on several different servers for a few years until he met HermeticLock on a factions server in early 2016, where they built DonFuer 9.[1]

Builders at DonFuer 10 before VoCo's arrival, taken on December 23, 2016; from left to right: whygoodboyg, Surviverkiller, D_loaded, HermeticLock

Joining and construction of DonFuer 10

DonFuer 10

D_loaded joined 2b2t in September 2016 during the Rusher War after being introduced to the server by HermeticLock. HermeticLock became a member of the Vortex Coalition and convinced the faction's leader Coltsnid to recruit D_loaded after Coltsnid and HermeticClock visited DonFuer 9. D_loaded was invited and joined the Vortex Coalition, eventually gaining the rank of VIP. He built DonFuer 10 in December 2016 for the faction alongside HermeticLock, Surviverkiller, and others. It was their goal to have many prominent Vortex Coalition members at the base to kickstart their 2b2t careers. However, internal issues led to Coltsnid leaking the coordinates on January 14, 2017, and the base was subsequently griefed by Babbaj.[2]

Leaving 2b2t

After the grief, D_loaded proceeded with DonFuer, building DonFuer 11 and 12. He built many more bases on the server until June 2018, when he and the group left the server to play elsewhere (mainly HermeticLock's now-shut down server Anarchy Heroes). He departed from DonFuer in mid-2019, giving the reigns to dragonworm and others.

Reviving DonFuer & Return to 2b2t

D_loaded returned to 2b2t during quarantine in around April 2020,[3] rejoining the Spawnmasons. He built the majority of COVID-2147, which he referred to as DonFuer 18 before he and Hermeticlock would destroy it. D_loaded later became a founding member of the Guardsmen in May 2020. He returned to DonFuer in August 2020 and assumed control when previous elder UpliftSage left. He has since overseen the construction of many notable bases and projects.

Involvement with the Guardsmen

D_loaded was a founding member of the Guardsmen and had several different stints as leadership as part of that group. He was also the primary editor and manager for the Guardsmen youtube channel.

The guardsmen were disbanded in July of 2022.

2b2t History Timeline project

On September 1, 2023, Reddit user JayXYZWasTaken posted an article titled "JayXYZ and D_Loaded's new 2B2T Timeline"[4] to the /r/2b2t_uncensored subreddit.

The post was made in collaboration with D_Loaded to remedy how outdated the original timeline, created by Sato86, had become.

The new timeline featured events which had taken place since 2020 such as the flooding of Spawn, the founding of the Astral Brotherhood and the griefing of Sky Masons.

The timeline gave the period following the 1.19 update the name Progressive Era, which appears to be the first mention of the start of a new era in 2b2t's history, following the Consolidation Period between 2022 and the release of the 1.19 update.

JayXYZWasTaken stated in the original post that the next update of the timeline is scheduled "around the same next year", estimated as September 1, 2024.

2b2t Wiki coalition

D_loaded has had an editor account on the 2b2t Wiki since July 2019 (totalling 72 contributions prior to September 2023). D_loaded has been outspoken in his criticism towards how the Wiki is managed, citing concerns about alleged bias in the reviewing of articles and selection of Wiki staff from the Spawnmasons group.

In September of 2023, D_loaded founded the 2b2t Wiki coalition alongside Orsond, Toska and The Imperials with the intention of organising the Donfuer membership and wider 2b2t community against perceived issues with the Wiki staff team.

Members of the coalition were asked to create verified accounts on the Wiki and contact D_loaded or Orsond with any examples of bias by the Wiki staff. The ultimate goal of D_loaded as co-founder of the coalition was the introduction of new staff members to the Wiki who were members of groups others than the Spawnmasons, and the removal of several existing staff members, culminating in the creation of the article: 2b2t_Wiki:Proposed_Changes_to_2b2t_Wiki_Staff_2023. The changes voted upon were as follows:


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