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BasesThe Archive (build), Jared2013's and VADemon's base, Rhodes, Whitehaven
GriefsThe Lands, Imperator's Base, Space Valkyria I, Space Valkyria II, Space Valkyria III V2, Valinor, Equilibrium I, Equilibrium II, Endcursion, Mu Megabase 2, Rathouse
TypeGriefer, PVP’er
Alternative Accountsmailyou (previously 2K2, HiveTyrantRaphi, BranWasFone, Lycophyta, themoosh, 0xXP, D4RKJOE)
PastNerds Inc, Dr_Cash

jared2013 is an oldfag player mostly known for griefing hundreds of bases, participating in multiple incursions and co-founding Nerds Inc.


Jared2013 joined the server in february 2013. He has been active on a different anarchy server but when it shut down his friend Dr_Cash confinced him to join 2b2t. Dr_Cash gave Jared acces to the account Jared2013, which was alledgedly a random account he had gained acces to to. Jared would establish himself using different 'personas', getting involved in building, griefing, making covers of known songs[1] and even doxxing. He mostly used the Jared2013 account for griefing untill it slowly became his 'main'. Jared appreciated 2b2t for its relatively small closely knit community, 'purity' and freedom. in 2013 Jared was one of the players killed during the Second Incursion in august 2013. Between april and may 2015 jared was involved with the Third Incursion, both as a supporter and an opponent.

The Tyranny

During these times Jared also met iTristan with whom he became friends. Mid-2015 Jared, iTristan and taylo112 gained accces to Space Valkyria and griefed it. In december 2015 Jared and Fr1kin also griefed Imperator's Base, a well known megabase established in 2012 where popbob, iTristan and Pyrobyte used to base. Following the grief many of Jared's stashes for destroyed. A series of '2b2t diaries' written by Jared were also found and leaked.[2] Later an an argument in chat occured which would become known as the 'jared vs popbob' dialoge, of which Fit did a dramatic reading before becoming a youtuber.[3] In early 2016 Jared andtaylo112 founded The Tyranny, later known as 'Nerds Inc.', a group that tried to take control of the server and would eventually consist of 2b2t's most notorious griefers and exploiters. They established a base called The Archive (build), consisting of a giant bedrock dome containting countless chests with every single item in the game. It was removed two weeks later by Hausemaster.[4] In march The Tyranny started the Week of Destruction, griefing many bases including a 2012 based called The Lands using the 'BedTP' exploit.[5] and Space Valkyria 2. In august 2018 Jared left Nerds Inc mostly due to persona conflicts with iTristan and other members and the fact that he was the only member that wasn't a programmer. In may 2019 Jared, Fr1kin, iTristan and BabbaJ griefed Space Valkyria 3 V2.


Jared started the Fourth Incursion even before TheCampingRusher joined the server out of boredom, altough it would later develop into a response to the Rusher Invasion. Jared eventually abandoned the project after which Sato86 took over leadership.[6]

During the 'Rusher War' he first participated in a 'massacre' of a 'Rusher sanctuary' with Fit and BabbaJ but later formally sided with Team Rusher. Ever since then Jared tried to get involved with incursions. For example, in november 2016 he started the Fifth Incursion for no apparent reason and attempted to build an obsidian wall around spawn. In april 2018 after the arrival of AntVenom Jared also participated in the Sixth Incursion, which contined the obsidian wall project and ended in a succes.

In september after the arrival of FuzeIII Jared once again took the initiative and started the Seventh Incursion, with the goal of building a giant trench around spawn. Even though this project failed to achieve its goal, the trench was eventiallt build as a seperate project. Fitmc is mostly negative about Jareds influence on these incursion, describing him as a bad leader responsbile for the failures of both the 5thand 7th Incursions. The development of the 7th Incursion also motivated Sato86 to formally retire the name 'incursions'.[7] Jared on the other hand considers these incursion and expecially the seventh one a succes and claims Fit was just mad that he was kept out of the project.[8]

Late 2019 as a response to the 'Taiwanese Incursion' Jared started an incursion for the fourth time, the 8th Incursion, with Armorsmith. They started the construction of a water cube around spawn. The incursion eventually failed like the previous ones. Afterwards BachiBachBach gained control over the project and used it as a foundation for the Infinity Incursion.

Group conflicts and other griefs

In 2018 Jared got involved in multiple conflicts. In may he started '31Days31Griefs' during which he griefed a base every single day for the month of may. Nonetheless, during the development of the Nocom exploit he gained acces to information regarding the exploit and coordinates to hundreds of bases by Fr1kin. In 2018 Jared also got involved in a major conflict with Infrared and The Emperium. It lead to multiple bases going down and the proliferation of malixious doxxing, a development Jared feels partly responsible for and regrets. In early 2019 the conflicts also resulted in false rumors being spread about Jared getting arrested by the FBI.

Early 2021 Jared was given acces to Mu Megabase 2 by Forceken and griefed it.[9] Later that year Jared, orsond and HermeticLock gained acces to the coordinates to 'Imps 2', a backup of Imps base that iTristan had made back in 2015 during the Third Backdoor, and griefed it.[10] Soon afterwards Jared would have a falling out with orsond over personal differences and footage of the grief.[11] Conflicts with Joey Coconut Jared leaked the coordinates to Whitehaven, a base jared has established with orsond in 2020, and another based called Block Game Jerusalem, leading to the bases being selfgriefed by the builders themselves.


  • Jared2013's mainaccount 'Jared2013' is banned from purchasing priority queue.
  • Jared2013 is often considered a 'villain' and even has his own page on the 'Vilains wiki'. [12]
  • Jared claims to have griefed over 200 bases as of 2019.
  • Jared has a personal banner called 'Jared's Standard'[13]
  • Jared created and ran the 2b2t PreJune and 2b2t PostJune discords, until giving them away.
  • Jared was also active in the creation of 2b2t wiki's. Late 2017 he got the original wiki removed from 'fandom'. Later he assisted in the creation of the current 2b2t wiki, hosted by Miraheze and played a part in the removal of the old administration team.
  • Jared appeared as a guest on two 2b2t related podcasts, the Anarchy Podcast in 2019[14] and Bezoposan's Dr.Enderpickles Show in 2021 [15].