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Cydonia Banner (Group had multiple color variants)
FoundedLate 2018
DisbandmentMid 2020
BasesUnknown, mostly stashes

Cydonia was a small PvP group that was founded by Killet and mainly focused on recruiting notable PvP players from 2b2t. Most of these players were spawnfags and had dealings with groups like Infrared and Highland.


Cydonia was active roughly around late 2018 and throughout 2019. They would generally be active at spawn, other anarchy servers, and anarchy related PvP servers. The group would have some drama with Infrared, including destroying stashes and fighting with members, however this would later subside. Several of their members were initially in the first Anti-Incursion before the group formed and would spearhead the Second Anti-Incursion. Eventually the group would go inactive in late 2019, having a small return in July 2020 before eventually being declared a "dead group" by Killet later on in 2020.

Notable Members

  • Killet (Leader)
  • Krashgamer
  • LordPopcwrn
  • Miggers
  • ItsGoingGood
  • Baumbeezy
  • Viktisen
  • ShmackedGod
  • Several Others