Cum Zone II

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Cum Zone II
InhabitantsHurtMercury, y_a_t_a, I_tri, b0dait, GeneralBrown, bread_loafs, Och0, iAmZeiss, oofcloof, Hinterhof, Bjorken, Ghost_Mafia, jumboman32, bthory343, Skyron, Coxinator2, TheDem1urge, creio, WeepierEagle028, Joey_Coconut, Darth08, Oofoofjimbo, HermeticLock, NotedPainter814, Drathader, rpb7191, digandbuilder, ii_mags, XGamer_BePlayinX, 7___k, nagatacs, dislexicfox, FourByte
LocationX:24754 Z: 37844
StartedOctober 4, 2020
GriefedOctober 15, 2020
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Cum Zone II was a base built by the Crimson Star in early October 2020. After the original Cum Zone got griefed, they moved on to the the coordinates x=24754 z=37844. At first the base only had around 15 members until more and more groups and individual players showed up, eventually getting to around 35 members. Some participating groups included KOS Assassins, ZERO, Crimson, Shortbus Caliphate, and DonFuer. The most notable members were Joey_Coconut, HermeticLock and digandbuilder, with the main builder being iAmZeiss. Due to the Pyro dupe being enabled at this time, I_tri and bread_loafs were able to dupe a large amount of materials for the builds.

The first builds here was iAmZeiss's Crimson Gate, and HurtMercury's nether portal behind it. y_a_t_a shortly came and built their Trans AntiChurch. Soon enough, there were many unique builds here. One of the more notable sections of the base was Joey_Coconut's Acacia Quarter, which grew from 2 houses, to 8 houses in total, due to many of the base members liking Joey's builds, and wanting to continue the theme up the hill. Later builds included Zeiss' underground area and library, X_GamerBePlayin_X's floating planet, as well as a Nomad Hut cave which each base member contributed to.
The crimson gate built by iAmZeiss.
y_a_t_a's Trans AntiChurch

This base was repurposed to be an incursion spawn base/resupply station to aid in the efforts of the Tenth Incursion, duping enchanting tables and pvp kits, the day that mrbeastgaming1 joined. Even after it was announced that he wasn't going to make a video, this base continued operation.

But after a fun 11 days the base would come to an end. Due to X_GamerBePlayin_X not realizing that maps of the base could be terrain exploited, a Russian group called NBR was able to find the coordinates. October 15th I_tri woke up to find all the materials gone, a grief, and the coordinates posted in the 2b2t wiki discord. The members of Crimson realized that the grief was very bad and Cum Zone deserved a better ending. y_a_t_a, I_tri, and Bthory343 blew up much of what was already poorly griefed. A number of structures were still standing when they left.