Crimson Star

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Crimson Star
StatusMerged into Shortbus Caliphate
FoundedAugust 21, 2020 (four years ago)
DisbandmentEarly 2021
LeaderHurtmercury, y_a_t_a
Tenth Incursion, Phobos incident, Camp Spooky, Fight Club

Crimson Star (also known as just Crimson) was a group created by B0dait, Fierceben, Hurtmercury, and y_a_t_a, on August 21, 2020.


Foundation and Early Bases

Crimson Star was founded after a Fight Club event on the 21st of August, 2020, when B0dait, Fierceben, Hurtmercury, and y_a_t_a remained in the voice chat over 3 hours after the last arena had concluded. They found this humorous, and decided to start a group largely as a result.

The group's first move was a joke build at 5k 5k nether, where they put grass on the highway and built a small collection of buildings while waiting for several new members to come to Crimson Star's first real project: a rebuild of Base Nostalgia.

Base Nostalgia Rebuild

The first big project that Crimson did was a rebuild of Base Nostalgia. The project was short-lived, although the group more than doubled in size through the course of the project, with I_tri, crzychris, commudos, stickmanmatt21, and Coxinator2 joining the group throughout the project's scope. The rebuild had only lasted a week when the project was griefed by Lurr, who did so because he felt the project was "larp."

Cum Zone

It took a few days before the group moved on to the next project, which the members decided to call Cum Zone. iAmZeiss joined the group at the start of the base, and would later become a core member of the group. Cum Zone was not meant to be a long-term project, due to the limited space on the island that was chosen to be its location. Near the end of the base, Joey_Coconut was invited to join Crimson. It was decided to invite digandbuilder to do a base tour and base grief on stream.

Cum Zone II

Main Article: Cum Zone II

Crimson Banner

In late September, before Cum Zone was griefed, plans were already in motion for Cum Zone II. Following the grief of Cum Zone, building sped up considerably at Cum Zone II. Starting with 12 builders, the number of residents spiraled out of control, with ~40 different people residing at the base for its short existence. Upon the start of the 10th Incursion, the base became an important resupply depot and FOB. I_tri's constant duping led to a steady supply of building materials both for the base and the incursion. I_tri logged in one morning, and the base had been partially griefed, although the griefers had run out of TNT. It was quickly determined that the base was found as a result of one of the base's newfags mapping the location. y_a_t_a, I_tri and bthory343 subsequently griefed the base properly.

B0dait's Fight Club Arena that largely led to the foundation of Crimson Star
Base Nostalgia (First rebuild)
Cum Zone 1

Post-Cum Zone II

Though hopes were high for the next base, the group's strength was severely diminished, both as a result of post-grief depression, and commitment to the 10th Incursion. Transylvania was the next base, and although it was progressing slowly, several dedicated members were still building there. The Phobos Leak compromised the base; Transylvania was abandoned. The next base was Ejaculation Station, but it was dead on arrival. Almost no one showed up to it.

In an attempt to boost group participation, another rebuild project was announced: Boatmurdered. The rebuild was swiftly concluded, and with that, tensions between the founding members of the group boiled over; y_a_t_a and b0dait left the group, and fierceben was demoted.

Although the group had split up on paper, everyone stayed friendly. Most of the members joined multiple (or all) of several groups, those being Fate, WE_TRI, Chromosome Star, and Shortbus Caliphate. Each group had its own projects, but all of them shared the same large pool of mutual members. WE_TRI and Chromosome Star were both short-lived, but Fate continued several Crimson projects, namely: the two farther bases: Hyperfate and Acropolis, and a spawn base: Lateott.

Post-Crimson Projects Involving Many Crimson Members

In late November, 2020, a second, far more successful Base Nostalgia rebuild was conducted with kingoros.

The second Base Nostalgia rebuild

Throughout November and December 2020, many former Crimson members also participated in a rebuild of The Drain, known as The Autumn Drain.