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Joinedearly-July 2016
BasesShelter 404, PRAWN, KRACKEN, Area 69, URCHIN, and Rat House
Alternative AccountsTradesmen, midfag, 2b2talt & more.
Current2b2t Signed Books & Collectibles Network
PastTeam Coca Cola, Team Imperia, Collector's Club, The Last Templar, & The Freelancers.

Crystallising (Formerly known as Crystalinqq) and founder of Team Coca-Cola and Collector’s Club is a prominent collector of map art, banners, and most notably signed books. As of the time of writing, Crystallising is 2b2t’s largest signed book collector with over 22 Double-Chests of fully filled shulkers.


First joining in early July 2016, Crystallising spent the first few weeks gathering armour, tools, and weaponry. One day while travelling on the nether highway, Crystallising bumped into niftyrobo. After conversing for a while, niftyrobo offered to recruit Crystallising to Team Imperia, which he enthusiastically accepted. Shortly after, the 11/11 Duplication Exploit was discovered to the public, allowing for large quantities of items to be duped effortlessly; Team Imperia took advantage of this and duped massive amounts of armour, tools, weapons, enchanted golden apples, and much more, allowing Crystallising to have unlimited amounts of items. After Team Imperia disbanded in December of 2016, Crystallising briefly joined Team Malaria, leaving shortly after. Once Crystallising had left Team Malaria, alongside his friend Flyinqq, Team Coca-Cola was founded, with many notable players such as BarrenDome joining the group. Crystallising also joined The Last Templar & The Freelancers.

Crystallising also avidly collected map art, almost entirely completing his map art collection until February 2017; Kinorana’s Map Art Reset wiped them all. It was at this moment that Crystallising transitioned from collecting Map Art to Signed Books, being a much more viable item to collect. Crystallising soon after created the 2b2t Signed Book & Collectibles Network Discord Server attracting over 3,000 players and 3,500 books uploaded, helping him to cement his collection of signed books, eventually amassing 2b2t’s most extensive signed book collection.

After 2019, Crystallising started playing less, and occasionally logs in a few times every month to connect with his friends.