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FoundedSeptember 20th, 2018
DisbandmentEarly 2019
Opposition to the 7th Incursion

The Crusade (often referred to as Gambino's Incursion) was a group whose ideals changed over time, causing it to be an "unstable" group.

At first, the Crusade was named The Teutonic Crusade. The ideals of the original Crusade were simple: Claim 2.4k and kill anyone who wasn't in the crusade within these boundaries. Anyone who wasn't with The Teutonic Crusade was an enemy.

When FuzeIII dropped his first 2b2t video, Gambino, leader of the Crusade, decided to reform the group. At first, Gambino decided the group would refrain from interfering with the Incursion. Gambino joined the 7th Incursion Discord server and was banned. It is believed this why Gambino was against the Incursion, but he later denied this. Gambino and his crusaders were at 0,0 within minutes after Gambino found out the video dropped. Nearly an hour after, he spread the word to multiple Discord servers, making everyone aware. YotoGamer then made the 7th incursion Discord server, but it was quickly dismissed when another one was made (Gambino was the first ban on both of them). Gambino decided that he and the crusaders would do everything within their power to hinder and fight the Incursion while helping new French players escape spawn.

After over 6 months, the crusade ended. Crusade Legion Takeouts recreated the Crusade with permission from Gambino. The New Crusade, more formally called the Teutonic Order, has many supporters from the original Crusade and the general community.


The Crusade attacked bombers and people at 2k,2k setting up the first TNT bombers, resulting in the trench plans being pushed back by around 24 hours. They actively patched the nether rings for Frenchfags to escape as well as giving Frenchfags kits to get out of spawn. They also actively covered undug parts of the trench with obsidian and filled segments of the trench with water. They engaged in PVP against Incursion members until the Anti-Incursion was formed by people Gambino rejected from the Crusade. jared2013 attempted to ally with the Crusade, leading to a treaty that lasted 24 hours.


Crusade Banner

The Crusade strictly attempted to stick to no assets, no losses. However they had two bases; -1k,-1k Crusader stash and Tower Town.

-1k, -1k was the official meetup spot for the group and was restored twice a week. Crops were often planted here with food, beds, and gear. This place was open to anyone but only one battle ever happened here. It was between The_Grand_Lotus and Gambino, and ended in a draw.

The Crusader stash was a place meant to become a stash for the Crusade during the duo donkey dupe, but it was griefed by Boofer after he was invited.

Tower Town was made by ItzMicher, Ant, and Gambino. It was griefed by LordPopcwrn on a walk out of spawn because the base was dangerously close to spawn.

Notable members


The Crusade had a strong relationship with the 5th Reich, and also worked with Armorsmith's Followers.