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JoinedFebruary 6, 2013 (2012 on D4RKJ0E)
BasesThe Archive (build), Jared2013's and VADemon's base, Rhodes, Spawn Train, Whitehaven
GriefsImperator's Base, Imperator's Base II, Space Valkyria, Space Valkyria 2, Spave Valkyria 3 V2, Mu, Autumnmelon, Smibville, Turrim, Vulcatavio, Boghdad, Club 33, Sniper’s Peaceful Island, Valinor, The Lands, Cloudsdale (twice), Equilibrium, Equilibrium 2, Hammerbeam, Endcursion, Temple of the Talion, Omega City 2, Electric Boogaloo, Rat House, ZiggyBase, Temple of the Void, Abaddon, Crystal Islands, Rainbow Islands 2, Ragnarok 2, Penny Dropper (twice), maxtorcd55's Island, Stne's Caverns, Avalon, OreMonger's 2012 base, OreMonger's Clock base, Bammerbeast's Castle, Argos, Aqua Island, Helios (twice), Rhodes, Kerak Halo base, Hoghwoden, Follytonvilleshire, Shelter404, Diagoporotin's base, PRThomas quintuple stash, Mike_embed's ocean base, Rusher's Sanctuary, 4Pilot's Beta Base, Buzzard's Bay, Dustfall's Manor, Castle Hatehart, Project Unity, Arnthor's base, uberslugcake's base, balonypony's gold farm base, Oceania, Photosynthesis, Autistralia, Ventir Zetam Emperium Christmas Base (two years), Trinity base, Empire's Larry Emperium Jungle Base, City of Ash, fr1kin's Mesa base, Glory Hole, Point Pat, Mapton, Fort Walker, Victoria, Antioch, The Bastion, Phoenix, kingoros group base 2015, Yiffington I, Yiffington 2, Uberslugcake snow base, Beefytown, Wolf Den, -57k King's Landing staging base (2015), VargaGirl's first base (2015), 0xymoron's spawn tower RustleDream's 2015 base, ThebesAndSound's gold farm (2015), Southern Canal (many, many times), assassinraptor's Jungle base, ctrl_alt_create's spawn base, Bay of Pigs, Infrared main base Cancerville, Spawn Train, TUNAbass, Empire's Citadel, Spawnmason lodges including Jack's Tower and Western Air Temple, and many other bases
Alternative Accountsmailyou, Snarglefox (previously 2K2, HiveTyrantRaphi, BranWasFone, Lycophyta, themoosh, 0xXP, D4RKJOE,)
PastNerds Inc, Infrared, Spawnmasons

jared2013 is an oldfag player mostly known for griefing hundreds of bases, participating in and leading multiple incursions and co-founding Nerds Inc.



Jared2013 joined 2b2t in February 2013. He was active on a different anarchy server with factions plugins called LoneMiners, where his sole purpose was to grief every single base he came across. After it shut down due to a lack of 4chan posts and activity, his friend Dr_Cash convinced him to join 2b2t. Dr_Cash gave Jared access to the account jared2013, which was allegedly a random account he had gained access to. He played on 2b2t on the jared2013 account occasionally up until August 2013, when Jared was killed by thePOMPANO and Coldwave at spawn, players involved with the Second Incursion. Shortly after, he met Pyrobyte, who gave him armor and tools. He would later become friends with Pyrobyte, who would later introduce him to iTristan. Sometime in late 2013, exaltedspartan let Jared into his base where he built a "hideous statue of Satan." Jared at this time appreciated 2b2t for its relatively small closely knit community and the freedom it provided compared to other servers.


Similarly to LoneMiners, Jared also made it his sole purpose to grief every base he came across. He would also bring notoriety to his name by constantly typing in chat that he would grief Valkyria. Jared used numerous and often stolen accounts to establish himself using different 'personas', which he respectively used for building, griefing, and even doxxing. He mostly used the jared2013 account for griefing and other accounts for insiding, although jared2013 became his 'main' account after his other accounts were shut down by Mojang for being stolen. He always used TNT during his griefs and never with withers or lavacasts. He described his feeling of being caught in the act of griefing as difficult to describe, although he would rather see the owner of the base logging in after the grief rather than during it. During his griefing career, he also became friends with the people of bases he griefed including xcc2 and 0xymoron. Around June of 2014, he was part of a 17-player crew who griefed OreMonger's base.

The Tyranny and Major Griefs

Wrath Outpost

During the Third Incursion, jared, along with fr1kin, taylo112, popbob, and x0xp (with iTristan playing both sides) attempted to grief and invade Wrath Outpost. However, they would never succeed because Pyrobyte had a sword with a sharpness level of 666 and TNT with a negative value that would give him an infinite number of TNT. This was the first time that jared had met fr1kin and x0XP and they attempted to "invade" the outpost with an "army of bots", so a trench was made by the incursion to stop them. On an icy lake nearby, he also fought a player named balonypony, whom he usually fought with occasionally and was matched at PvP skills with.

Activity in 2015

Sometime before 2015, Jared met iTristan and taylo112 and befriended them. Together, they gained the location of Space Valkyria using the /tell @a exploit in late May 2015 and subsequently griefed it. Before 2015, jared would grief every base he came across until a player named Andrew_Gill struck up a conversation of jared and he recognized Andrew. He let Jared stay in his base, Rhodes, before he logged out of the server for the last time. Jared considers this to be one of 2 major bases he considered himself to be a part of.

Imperator's Base

Later in the year, iTristan sent a screenshot to jared of his house at Imperator's Base around -1.08M, -1.08M before subsequently deleting it. Jared saved it and didn't think much of it. After a falling out between the 2 in late-2015 for unknown reasons, jared found a base at -40k, -40k, and discovered signs made by ImperatorTerrae. Jared put two and two together and realized that Imperator had walked in a straight line on a diagonal path from Imps Base down to -40k, -40k. By November, jared started preparing to get to Imps Base by going to -1080000 X and grinding on a zombie farm for 20 days straight so he could make numerous enchanted pickaxes. In December that year, Jared started mining around 135000 blocks through a 1 by 2 hole through the nether to get from -1080000, 0 to -1080000, -1080000 in overworld coordinates. When he reached Imps Base, he and fr1kin came out of the nether under the Jesus Statue and started griefing the base. They didn't have enough TNT to grief the base, but they found a stash of gunpowder from 2012 from when books could be assigned enchantments on the client side and create 32k looting enchantments. Using the gunpowder and after collecting sand from nearby deserts, they griefed Imperator's Base. During the grief, an argument in chat occurred between jared and popbob which would become known as the 'jared vs popbob' dialogue, of which Fit did a dramatic reading before becoming a youtuber.[1] Afterwards, Jacktherippa and SilverKrownKing destroyed many of Jared's stashes and a series of '2b2t diaries' written by Jared in minecraft books were found and leaked.[2] Jared also "doxxed" Tristan by leaking his tzone account and region files, which would later be used as proof of the backdoor's existence.

The Tyranny

Jared considers 2016 to be his favorite year in 2b2t history due to the abundance of chaos throughout the year. It started in February 2016, when Jared and taylo112 founded The Tyranny, later known as 'Nerds Inc.', a group first created for the griefing of Jacktherippa's The Lands and later evolved into an attempt to control of the server and would eventually consist of 2b2t's most notorious griefers and exploiters, including Jared, taylo112, iTristan, popbob, and fr1kin. After they reached The Lands on March 25th using the 'BedTP' exploit[3], jared did all of the griefing, while taylo killed Branillon with his 32k sword, and iTristan stood by and watched. After the grief, they travelled to Oremonger's clock base, where they teamed with C4RTM4N's group to grief it. Nerds Inc established a base called The Archive (build), consisting of a giant bedrock dome and countless chests containing items, which he considered to be the second of 2 major bases he was considered himself to be a part of. There, taylo showed jared he could restart the server, teleport, and that they had obtained barrier and bedrock blocks. The bedrock sphere was removed two weeks later by Hausemaster.[4] In April, The Tyranny started the Week of Destruction, griefing many bases like Space Valkyria 2 and KinoGrad Base (the latter of which jared did not participate in), as well as re-griefing bases like Space Valkyria and King's Landing.

Post-June and Incursions

The Chaos of 2016

,Jared was online on June 1st when the Rusher Invasion began; he noticed in real-time the player count growing so large that chests would be corrupted whenever they were loaded. Before the Rusher Invasion, Jared started the Fourth Incursion before TheCampingRusher joined the server out of boredom. It later developed into a response to the Rusher Invasion, but Jared eventually abandoned the project, after which Sato86 took over leadership.[5] During the 'Rusher War', Jared first participated in a 'massacre' of a 'Rusher sanctuary' with Fit and BabbaJ but was accused of having formally sided with Team Rusher, as he proclaimed in chat he was now 'a Rusher' and for showing TheCampingRusher around the server to many landmarks, although he later claimed it was to help end his series and that he helped script Rusher's last few videos.

Ever since then Jared tried to get involved with incursions. In November 2016, Slappnbadkids started the Fifth Incursion with jared, before handing leadership solely to jared, who attempted to build an obsidian wall around spawn. While many claim the incursion failed due to a lack of goals being achieved and jared leaving out of frustration, jared claims the incursion only failed because he left because of personal issues.

Incursions and Nerds Inc.

In April 2018, after the arrival of AntVenom Jared also participated in the Sixth Incursion, which continued the obsidian wall project. A month later in May, he started '31Days31Griefs' during which he griefed a base every single day for the month of May, which he considered to be one of his greatest accomplishments. Most of the bases griefed during 31Days31Griefs was found via insiding, although some of the bases' coordinates were given to Jared by Fr1kin, who gave him information regarding the Nocom exploit despite his estrangement from Nerds Inc. In August 2018, Jared left Nerds Inc mostly due to personal conflicts with iTristan and other members and the fact that he felt isolated due to being the only member that wasn't a programmer.

In 2018, Jared got involved in multiple conflicts. In September after the arrival of FuzeIII, Jared once again took the initiative and started the Seventh Incursion, with the goal of building a giant trench around spawn. Even though this project failed to achieve its goal, the trench was finished build as a separate project. FitMC often portrays Jared's influence on these incursions negatively, describing him as a bad leader responsible for the failures of both the 5th and 7th Incursions. The development of the 7th Incursion also motivated Sato86 to formally retire the name 'incursions'.[6] Jared on the other hand considers these incursions and especially the 7th one a success because of the goals accomplished like covering the nether floor with lava and claims Fit was just mad that he was kept out of the project.[7] According to Jared, during the incursion, he was pissed at The Emperium for using their own voice chat instead of the incursion voice chat and sent an informant into their voice chat but he was caught. In response, TheDark Emperor pulled out all his members from the incursion, had Jordanl666 terminate the incursion discord and a major conflict erupted between Jared and The Emperium. Jared had many other people inside the Emperium and as much as 2 to 3 insiders were within their Inner Circle, 25 or more bases were griefed and many of their members were doxxed, a development Jared feels partly responsible for and regrets. In 2020, Jared won the conflict as many in The Emperium were doxxed and some of their members were found to have access to child pornography.

In late 2019 as a response to the 'Taiwanese Incursion', Jared and Armorsmith started the 8th Incursion, which focused on the construction of a water cube around spawn. Although the incursion once again failed, BachiBachBach managed to gain control over the project and used it as a foundation for the Infinity Incursion. In early 2019, the conflict also resulted in false rumors being spread about Jared getting arrested by the FBI after he temporarily left the server. In may that year Jared, fr1kin, iTristan and BabbaJ griefed Space Valkyria 3 V2, making it the third incarnation of Space Valkyria Jared destroyed. In June 2021 Nerds Inc. formally announced that Jared's affiliation with the group had been ended, Afterwards, Jared started to leak information about the Nocom exploit on reddit.

Later Years

Jared hasn't played much on 2b2t since 2019-2020 and has stated that he's not excited for 2b2t's future and doesn't plan to play on the server much in the future. For 4 months, his jared2013 account was chunkbanned at Mu.

In early 2021, Jared was given Autumnmelon coordinates and then had Forceken and illville502 dig him there; he had them overshoot the base as to make sure he could grief it without them. He then griefed Autumnmelon.[8] Later that year, Jared, orsond and HermeticLock gained access to the coordinates to 'Imps 2', a backup of Imps base that iTristan had made back in 2015 during the Third Backdoor, and griefed it.[9] Soon afterwards Jared would have a falling out with orsond over personal differences and not receiving footage of the grief.[10] Shortly after this, conflicts with Joey Coconut lead to Jared leaking the coordinates to Whitehaven, which jared established with orsond in 2020, and Block Game Jerusalem, leading to the bases being self-griefed.


  • Jared2013's main account 'Jared2013' is banned from purchasing priority queue.
  • Jared2013 is often considered a 'villain' and even has his own page on the 'Vilains wiki'. [11]
  • Jared claims to have griefed over 500 bases as of 2019 and doxxed 250 players as of 2022.
  • Jared has a personal banner called 'Jared's Standard'[12]
  • Jared created the PreJune and PostJune discords, until giving them away.
  • Jared was also active in the creation of 2b2t wikis. Late 2017 he got the original wiki removed from 'fandom'. Later he assisted in the creation of the current 2b2t wiki, hosted by Miraheze and played a part in the removal of the old administration team.
  • Although Jared regrets spending too much time on 2b2t as a kid, he believes it had a positive impact on his left as his involvement in the community improved his social skills.
  • Jared appeared as a guest on tree 2b2t related podcasts, the Anarchy Podcast in 2019[13] ,Bezoposan's Dr.Enderpickles Show in 2021 [14], and DigMC's The DigCast in 2022.[15] An earlier appearance on the DrEnderPickles Show was formally removed but reuploaded by a third party.[16]