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JoinedSummer 2011
BasesPassietown, Plugin Town
PastFacepunch Republic, xcc2

CreamOFtheSlop joined 2b2t through Facepunch during the summer of 2011. He is most notable for having access to the 2012 backdoor and living at Passietown.


Like many players, CreamOFtheSlop was looking for a group to create settlements with. Through Facepunch, he made his way to several different bases until eventually griefing a small Facepunch base and being exiled from the community. After wandering for several months, he convinced policemike55 to allow him to base at Passietown. Only being there for a short amount of time before it was griefed, he was blamed for leaking the coordinates to the base. Polly_the_Parrot eventually admitted that he leaked the coordinates, and Cream was given the location of Plugintown and access to the backdoor. He made a small addition to the base before eventually moving to an underwater ravine, where he built the only complete stash of every item at the time. He also used the backdoor to grief many small bases. Once the backdoor was discovered by Hausemaster, popbob went to the ravine base and destroyed it, using shougun as a mule to carry illegal items. Cream eventually moved on to build a base with one other player, and only allowed a few people to have the coordinates. In 2015, the original group from Passietown came back together with the addition of jared2013 and built another base in a mesa biome.

He briefly joined on July 10th, 2018 and wrote in chat: <CreamOFtheSlop> how do i get out of spawn where are the trees[1]


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