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Inhabitantscaptainq25, Quinn, MrShinyDiamond, Procrastinator0, octopuspizza and more undocumented
LocationX:-25,371, Z:-4792
Startedsometime in 2012
Finishedmain city: 2013, additional buildings: 2014-2017
GriefedMid-June, 2018 (Partially); 2020 (heavily)
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LinkNot Available

Crapville is a small city that at one time had 11 inhabitants.


Crapville's history is largely unknown, largely due to the fact that the base's origins date back to 2012. What is known is that it was a small city, built by an original group of 7, with 4 people joining them later. The base's residents were split into 4 categories, residents, valued guests, hermits, and squatters. The base consists of several houses, a large autofarm consisting of 3 towers, each producing their own food item, and an arena. The base also has some pixel art floating above it, most notably a large pickaxe and a potion.

Most of the city is contained within a large stone block wall, with a ravine passing through it, and what looks to be a manmade lake protruding in from the south side. The main entrance is on the south side, at the lake. It is assumed that the base was likely meant to be reached by boat. On this south side, there is a watch tower that stands outside the base walls. On the northeastern side, there is a small underground home outside the city walls, labeled "The Hermit's Base". There is also a nether portal on this northeastern side, which, as of now, is the only nether portal near the base.

Not much is known about this base, or who has been there since it's abandonment, since the sign wall within the town was destroyed, likely by Athena413.

However, there is a second sign wall that was not destroyed, and it tells a brief history of the base. The wall reads, "NOTICE TO TRAVELLERS: This town, at its height, supported 7 residents, 2 valued guests, 1 squatter, and 1 hermit. The hermit, after a minor theft from his home outside city walls, began murdering and thieving inside city limits. This resulted in the eventual abandonment of the town late in the winter of 2012-13. The group later disbanded. - Managment" This message is written on a small sign wall, in the lake near the city entrance. The main sign wall was restored on March 16, 2019 using screenshots taken in 2018 and an old YouTube video from 2017.[1]

In Mid-June, 2018, Athena413 burned a few structures, within city limits, but the damage was minimal.

By early 2020, the base was heavily griefed.

File:Crapvil ban.png
The Crapville Banner.