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JoinedMarch 8th, 2022
BasesHurtbase, Helheim, Helheim 2, Hintertown 6 , New Lugdunum, Lidenbrock, Capy's Stump, Dubrovnik, New Menegroth, Block Game Babylon, Sky Masons, Spawn Migration, SpawnQuarium, Halloween 2022 Party Base, Christmas 2022 Party Base, Various SBA bases
GriefsInferno HQ, Noobtown
Alternative AccountsCatPilled, capbara
CurrentAncients, Astral Brotherhood, Spawn Builders Association, 2b2t Party Committee

Cpybara (aka capy) is a builder who joined in 2022. He is known for building with several groups such as The Ancients, Astral Brotherhood, Spawnmasons and Spawn Builders Association.


Early History

Cpybara joined 2b2t on March of 2022, initially with the ign "TylerBlevins". Immediately after joining, he wanted to create a large base, and traveled far from spawn, before returning after difficulty in accumulating materials. He bought another Minecraft account, with the name "cpybara", which would become his main account, which he mainly used in spawn. He was invited to and briefly participated in Eclipse, before being invited to build with Astral Brotherhood by Joey_Coconut.

Astral Brotherhood & The Ancients

Cpybara joined Astral Brotherhood, and was added to the recruit base called Hurtbase, where he became acquainted with other builders with the group, such as HURTLOCKERBECK. There he also made a house which later inspired the Spawn Migration. Following the grief of Hurtbase, he cofounded the shortived Helheim, before moving to and cofounding the twin bases of Helheim 2 and Hintertown 6. While there he met YoMoBoYo and xrayessay, who later invited him to join the Ancients. In July of 2022, Joey_Coconut invited Cpybara to build at Sky Masons. He became a guest in the Spawnmasons, and constructed a wide variety of builds there, such as his flying carpet. After building at Sky Masons, he designed much of the terraformation at Lidenbrock, before constructing much of Dubrovnik singlehandedly. In thanks for his contributions to many of Astral Brotherhood's bases, he was given the Solarium rank in the group. In late 2022 he was invited to Block Game Babylon, where he helped to design some of the exterior patterns on the base's central Ziggurat, Etemananke. Following the grief of Dubrovnik, he was among the first Astral members at New Menegroth, where he built a large Dam.

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