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Corner Base
Inhabitants0Mateciotti, _chiekn_, _Genetics_, _m_o_t_h_r_a_, Babbaj, BigGreasyEgg, BIKMUNNI, bobbers22, bread_loafs, Breithan, BryceDey, DanDucky, DarkXL6, Dekto, DocSmurf, EnigmA_008, F_i_l_i_n, Greggopants, Harrissssonn, Hovecs, IronException, Joey_Coconut, Jordanl666, maliktheking, minecraft_simon, MrSourKiwi, Negative_Entropy, NickHasCancer, P529, PaulSteve007, Pitboss21, Raaanch, Romtec_, SilverEyes2b2t, smcz19, Sun_Wukon, TheFunnCubes, ufocrossing, xrayessay, YoMoBoYo, zipoffs
Location(-30000000, -30000000)
StartedJune 12, 2022
Leakerzipoffs (disputed}
GriefedJuly 10, 2022
Griefershappyhypixel, HermeticLock, Drathader, rcb3, Bezopasan, orsond, maksitaxi, handyman_, Forceken, Zetrax
World download
LinkNot Available

The unnamed base colloquially known as Corner Base, The Corner, and other names, was an Ancients, Spawnmasons, Astral Brotherhood, and Spawn Builders Association base started at the -,- End Corner by Harrissssonn.



Corner Base was started by Harrisssonn after he arrived at the -,- End Corner on June 12, 2022 after flying to the location from End Spawn starting on March 22, 2022.[1] The trip took about 17 1/2 days (about 420 hours) of in-game time to complete, counting restarts to the journey. As a result of the required time investment to reach the End Corner, few others had been there before, excepting Armorsmith (who had started Armorland at the same corner in 2017), and 2v2t (who had griefed Armorland later that year).[2][3] The location was incredibly isolated as a result. Harrissssonn reached the corner and began to teleport his friends there using the BoatTP exploit utilizing end gateways. F_i_l_i_n was also teleported out and made a number of videos on Harrissssonn and Armorland, among other topics.[4] Everyone (excluding Harrissssonn) that was at the -,- corner, got there through BoatTP.


As more people were teleported to the -,- End corner, a base began to take shape as a result of builders including smcz19, P529, Joey_Coconut, Negative_Entropy, bread_loafs, and _m_o_t_h_r_a_, among others.[5][6] The base had no official name, and was colloquially known as 'Corner Base', 'The Corner', and other similar names as a result. Two Spawnmason meeting were held there: June 25th's 'Throne of the Ancients' by P529, and July 2nd's 'End Balloon' by smcz19 and Joey_Coconut. Following the June 25 Spawnmason meeting, the attendants flew to Armorland and mined all Armorsmith's remaining builds using Baritone.[7] In addition to these activities, more people were teleported to the base location, and more builds were made.


The constant public discussion and streaming of the Corner Base resulted in Fifth Column attempting to close off the end as to prevent teleportation to the base. This was largely conducted through maksitaxi's Interdimensional Customs Control group. 5c also attempted to convince a member of the base to leak. Those efforts succeeded in early July, 2022. They griefed the base on July 10, 2022. Following the grief, 5c teleported many more players out to the -,- End Corner.

Leak Controversy

Several months after Corner Base's grief, Fit made a video which falsely blamed BIKMUNNI for the leak of the base.[8] BIKMUNNI leaking was demonstrated to be highly unlikely after heated public discussion, followed by a discord DM leak which further proved BIKMUNNI's innocence.[9] The members of Corner Base blamed zipoffs for the leak of the base, largely because of a self-stated willingness on his part to BoatTP the Fifth Column to the base with badinek's help, although zipoffs furthermore denied actually BoatTPing 5c there.


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