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JoinedApril 9th of 2020
Alternative Accountscoolpilot2b2t, 2based2wait, shopx, coolpilot1, coolpilot2, coolpilot3, coolpilot4, coolpilot5, coolpilot6, coolpilot7, coolpilot8, coolpilot9
PastLuminous Sandclave, HSG, Spawn Society, HWU, Shopx, SCA


Coolpilot joined 2b2t on April 9th, 2020. He only played for a few minutes at spawn until he got bored and quit. He later rejoined in November of 2021. He occupied himself by gearing & befriending new players, and also basehunting on foot near spawn. Eventually, he met Wnet when he was new at spawn, and gave him some kits. He quit shortly after because he got bored.

In May of 2022, he rejoined 2b2t. This time, he spent time mostly around spawn, meeting new players and giving them more gear he bought. On May 26th, started the Highway-Pitstop-Organization, which served to build Spawn farms and overworld highway infrastructure. On June 14th 2022, he was repairing nether spawn and many new players were passing by. He ended up with a large group of new players who he worked on highways with. He invited all of them to his group, and for about a week all the players would meet around spawn and VC together. The group took over a base at -50K, 0 overworld that was built by Medicated_. Coolpilot then changed the groups name to the Spawn Society. Spawn Society later built the Technoblade memorial at spawn, along with codysmile11 and Jakethasnake52. The Spawn Society group gained many active members over the summer of 2022, before going dormant later that year. In late June, Coolpilot discovered the Luminous Sandclave's project to repair the valley of wheat, which he assisted with as a result.

After this, Coolpilot mostly kept to himself and worked on personal projects, such as building schematics of his name around spawn. On December 4th, 2022 the discord was remade into a shop for 2b2t, Shopx.