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Constantiam is an anarchy server created and inhabited by previous 2b2t players in February 2016 at the height of the conflict with the Tyranny/Nerds Inc. It is one of the oldest 2b2t clone servers that still exist, operated by a user with the name PhantomCaptain.[1]

The initial playerbase first came from this drama, then slowly began to expand with several pieces of media, most notably the YouTube community, mentioning the server alongside 2b2t. The server would look to be an appeasing alternative to 2b2t and would develop its own secluded culture.

A whitelist was later added to the server. Currently, between 30 and 120 players occupy the server at any given time, but the majority of the players are from the UK.

History was created by PhantomCaptain (ign: PhantomCaptain & SpectreCaptain) around February 14. 2016, on the 1.8 version of Minecraft.

Up until April 2016, the server was empty most of the time, with a few travelers joining here and there for short periods of time but eventually leaving. Before James_Rustles' group (old 2b2t players/friends - mid and old fags) moved to this server in April, a small group of people, most likely knowing each other in real life were playing on there, but left the server before their time came.

Aquote1.png The people who abandoned this server before you started showing up in droves were mostly quiet. When they did talk it was small talk. they didn't seem to do much but walk around. A few joined in march, then most left. One or two stayed around. In April I advertised on 4chan to try and get more players as there was no one on."
- Phantom describing that time period to mrx.

In the meantime, on 2b2t (mid-April 2016), a group of friends that were basing at a base called La Rosa (which was found five months later in September, on 2b2t) were getting sick and tired of all the 2b2t drama that was going on with Nerds Inc, backdoors and much more, and decided to leave the server and find a new place to call home.

Around April 22, 2016, James_Rustles found Constantiam while on 4chan. He logged in and told about the newly founded server to two of his friends — Spartan512 and ftsqr. Two days later, he informed other members of La Rosa about his find.

Original Constantiam crew: James_Rustles (VWEmissions/MurdockMatt), mrx, Aryvas, Sharpie, UBERSLUGCAKE, Mbash, Victor96, Thrax_Keyholder, Spartan512

Then: OreMonger, LoliLicker, NatInTheHat8, ftsqr

Mid May 2016. Now the server was alive and gaining speed. Both of the groups had a few members online, all the time. Word started spreading in the 2b2t oldfag community. Solo players started joining, like Jazukai or Legato.

Early June 2016. The server finally started getting "newfags" from the Minecraft Forum, who decided to keep playing instead of logging off after a few hours. But still, most of the players online were friends from 2b2t bases.

Late June/All of July 2016 "newfags" finally outnumbered the original crew. Also, around that time the server really started to grow quick. The server started being advertised more and more by new, freshly-joined players. A post on the 2b2t subreddit was made July 5, 2016 which caused a lot of players (including Tristan, jared, BenitoTortellini, c1yd3i, SirLeonidas, Sage_Mathias, and many others) to join.

Since then, the server has been proceeding like a regular anarchy server, implementing a whitelist in 2019 to deter new players coming from SalC1 videos. It is by far the most popular (and respected) anarchy server besides 2b2t, but it is exclusive with the implementation of the whitelist, and it may be difficult for a new player to get whitelisted. It is the fourth oldest major fully anarchy server, being started after 2b2t (2010), MineTexas (2013), and Aoki (2014). (3b3t is not counted, but Constantiam would be moved to 5th with its inclusion).


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