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The Conquest Logo.png
The Conquest Logo
FoundedEarly 2019
Leaderfastvincent1 and Waizy
Conquest Square

Founded in the early months of 2019, Conquest became involved in PvP, building, and duping. They were one of the first groups of players to utilize 32k weapons.


Early history

2b2t players Waizy and fastvincent1 founded Conquest in early 2019, and it became quite successful with a large range of group activities and a fair amount of amassed wealth. But towards the end of 2019, Waizy quit Conquest and 2b2t, transferring ownership of the group to fastvincent1. The group remained inactive through most of 2021 as members such as Frickdog and Partlyoctopus tried to revive the group.

Recent history

Conquest was revived in 2022 as many members came together to rejuvenate the group and begin new ambitious projects. One project in particular is the gigantic spawn square[1]. This project's goal is to create a 10k by 10k obsidian square over the spawn region, covering up most existing spawn logos. It consists of 100 million obsidian blocks.



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Member List (September 2022)



Conquest is not allied with any other groups.


Exodus/The Emperium

In 2019, Conquest made quite a number of enemies. One of which was The Emperium, a group which owned a sub-group by the name of Exodus. Conquest, being enemies of The Emperium, insided Exodus and wiped it out by griefing all active bases.