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Not to be confused with Cloud Club, which was also sometimes called Clout Club.

Clout Club
"What exactly is Clout Club? And how can I join?"
StatusInactive - Mid 2022
FoundedMay 13th, 2022
Leaderorsond, odpay, HermeticLock, Zetrax, maksitaxi
BasesClout Club (Herm Town & Orsond Town), Cloutlantis

Clout Club was a short-lived exclusive group in 2022 populated mostly by members of the Fifth Column, Guardsmen, and Emperium.


Foundation & Clout Club base

Clout Club was founded by orsond on May 13th 2022 at what was then a Guardsmen base which consisted of two areas - one called Herm Town, and one called Orsond Town. Herm town consisted of farms geared for making pumkin pies (and also served as the inspiration for a later video by HermeticLock[1], but little else, causing the members to move to the Orsond Town part of the base. While there, some of the members began joking amongst themselves that they were 'the most clouted group on the server', which caused the creation of a new group, which they entitled 'Clout Club'. They continued to build at Orsond Town, although they instead began to call the location 'Clout Club', after the group. Builds at Clout Club included Dawnfall_'s Clout Club Canal Corp, xAcheron's lounge, and a mountainside district.


The members began using Spammer modules to repeatedly send "What exactly is Clout Club? And how can I join?" over the next few days, which was followed by the creation of a public discord server. This brought the addition of many new members, mostly guests from the Guardsmen, but also caused the grief of the Clout Club base on June 16, 2022 by CirocDrip, bread_loafs, smcz19, and LordGalvatronMC, officially as Shortbus Caliphate members, and as part of a longterm conflict between members of Fifth Column and Astral Brotherhood. While the grief on Clout Club was occuring, most of the members of Clout Club were away from the base, griefing a Guardians of Andromeda base called Formalhaut. After the Clout Club members returned and found Clout Club griefed, they griefed Hurtbase as a result.

Cloutlantis & Inactivity

Following the grief of Clout Club base, the members started a rebuild/continuation of vegetarian_tree's underwater section of Shenandoah, which was called 'Avalon' (not to be confused with Avalon City). After building there several days, the base was griefed by bread_loafs, smcz19, LordGalvatronMC, and Joey_Coconut on July 21, 2022. Following the grief out Cloutlantis, the group went inactive, with most of the members simply returning to their various projects with Fifth Column and Emperium.

Member List