Cloud Club

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Cloud Club
Cloud Club.png
Inhabitants1Charlie3, 4pilot, B1ggusD1ckus, Bajr_, Beanshooter, BoomerangVillage, Breithan, DieloTai, Ejjthe1st, FamilyFrog, FamilyPumpkin6, Finstaa, HermeticLock, househousehouse1, iMems, IronException, jordanl666, Kaiboukan, l_amp, Leijurv, mattvtd, MrDirtti, Negative_Entropy, OverFloyd, PheanomHD3, RacistBot, SteeVeeJoe, supermikey9000, Terbin, TheMlgFox, v999, villicool112, Wailn, windowsxp4971, Xdolf, xvideosman, Yarnamite, _25, _m_o_t_h_r_a_
StartedAugust 18th 2019
GriefedAugust 26, 2019
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The Cloud Club, also known as the Clout Club, was a SpawnMason base around 3,000 blocks from spawn that lasted for about a week in mid-August of 2019. The base had many members invited to it, mainly friends of the SpawnMasons and Emperium members.


A view of the base


Once Elytras were re-enabled on the server, HermeticLock thought it would be a great opportunity to make a community skybase. First, SpawnMasons and Emperium members were invited, but soon people from all different parts of the community, such as The Backstreet Boys came and built alongside them. Many people - friends and enemies, came and contributed to the base in some way or another.


After about a week, FarmerJoe found Cloud Club and blew it up, despite fellow Backstreet Boys being there. The base was subsequently abandoned, later gaining more attention due to a video by FitMC[1]. Negative_Entropy also made a cinematic video of the base[2].