cityboss1 is a well known player who joined in June of 2016. He is most known for his group leadership and projects, such as with Asylum, UGE, Nihongun and Obsidian Pekora project. He also discovered the 3D map marker exploit.

JoinedJune 2016
TypeBuilder, PvPer, Group Leader, Exploiter, Youtuber, Project Leader
Alternative AccountsPekoraUsada, SaVaTaR, cityboss, Zephney, TheDark_Eugene, Rickle_Pick_, several others...
CurrentNihongun, PVG, BookHood, Anime club, Air Destroyers
PastThe Asylum, The Emperium, Peacekeepers, UGE, Sixth incursion, Seventh incursion, Paranormal, V Fawkes, The Bakery, Rusher Resistance, Team Rusher, Team Rocket Infinity Incursion, Team Rusher


The Beginning

Cityboss1 joined 2b2t in 2016 after Rusher's first video, spawning right next to the -Z axis highway and began his journey. Around 12k overworld, City found a wheat farm where he stayed and expanded it for a while. City spent his time there grinding out gear. When he had enough resources and food supply, he journeyed into the nether, to about 100k for his next base.

A few days later a Resistance member, Havocgames, stumbled across City's base while City was online. Havoc gave City his first golden apple, a rarity at the time. Once City was prepared and done grinding, he headed to spawn to kill new players. There, met many geared new players and became friends with them. They started the group V Fawkes. V Fawkes had 1 base far out but most of the members quit 2b2t and it went inactive. After dying at spawn to jared2013 on an alt, City quit 2b2t for a few weeks.

A few weeks later, City wanted more items and loot, which he figured the easiest way to do so was by bedbombing and killing players at spawn. City bedbombed geared players, including members of the Peacekeepers, the 4th Reich, and the Resistance.

11/11 Dupe and the 1.11 Update

When it was announced that Minecraft update 1.11 was coming to 2b2t, there was a large rush to the End for shulker shells to craft shulker boxes. Meanwhile, the 4th Reich was destroying all the end portals so no one could get in. City managed to get to the End before all the portals were destroyed and waited at an End city for the update to kill the shulkers. Very soon the 11/11 Dupe was leaked and City duped the items that he had gained from his bedbombing runs. When the server updated to 1.11. City killed the shulkers right away, making him one of the first players to obtain shulker shells and shulker boxes on the server.

The Asylum and the UGE

During the early months of 2017, City mostly pvped at spawn, becoming one of the best crystal pvpers at the time and inventing a pvp strategy called citying which is still used in pvp to this day.

By late 2017, many of the groups on the server were at war with each other. Wanting to takepart, City founded the group Asylum. Many of his friends joined the Asylum,depicted by the old V Fawkes logo and banner. The group aligned itself with The Emperium and fought against groups such as Infrared, The Guild, Peacekeepers and Highland. The Asylum griefed many bases and quickly rose to power. The Asylum later joined the UGE, with City becoming one of the core leaders in the UGE. While there he led many base projects and raids on enemy groups.

6th Incursion

After the Asylum left the then-inactive UGE, the 6th incursion began. City was given one of the leadership roles in the incursion and helped build the incursion base. He he also helped build the stronghold base on the tempmap and assisted others in slaying the Enderdragon. He was soon demoted from the incursion leadership because of inactivity in the group. After the incursion had ended, City had lost interest in playing 2b2t so he took a break and decided to disband The Asylum, remaining friends with many of the members.

City's Item Shop

When City returned to 2b2t, he decided to open a shop and sell items that he had duped or stolen from raiding PK and Infrared bases. The shop was called City's item shop.. As City began to be overwhelmed by orders, he had Virl help him run the store and renamed it to the Asylum Store, as Virl was a former member of the Asylum.

Seeing the success of the Asylum store, many shops would open and start competition, such as Ufocrossing's Shiro Foundation store. The Asylum store gained further inventory from duping in the donkey dupe and the chunk dupe, selling new variety of items and illegals into the community. Eventually, the Asylum store closed after Nerds Inc destroyed the main stash using the NoCom exploit in 2019. The shop had earned over $6000 during its time in operation.

7th Incursion

When the 7th incursion started, City was chosen to be a sectional leader on a nether Lava Ocean project he proposed. Using stacked lava buckets, he designed ways to fill up the nether bottom with lava and to stop players from crystal pvping. The project was going very well and the lava reached within 50x50 of 0.0, making many of the spawnfags angry that they couldn't crystal pvp. City was also be responsible for book banning many of the Anti-Incursion members such as 0ffsets during the 7th incursion.

The lava project was abandoned after the downfall of the 7th incursion, and the lava ocean floor slowly decayed from withers and spawnfags that would attempt to restore spawn. A similar project was later attempted by the Tenth Incursion in its early days.

Rusher's Return

In 2019, when TheCampingRusher briefly returned to the server, City made a group known as the Rusher Resistance to protect Rusher and support him on his new journey. Many players who joined during the Rusher War and/or supported Rusher joined the group. However, Rusher once again left 2b2t, two weeks after he rejoined, causing the Rusher Resistance to abandon its base and disband. City would go on to be quiet in the community and focus on building bases with friends in late 2019 to mid 2020.


When a huge influx of Japanese players joined 2b2t, City would become friends with several of them. One of these friends would be UsadaJunichi, in which him and City would start a group called the Nihongun, or the Japanese Army, for new well established Japanese players. The Nihongun would accomplish building several bases and structures such as the 7/11 base, Natsumatsuri base, The 2.1 million Obsidian Sky Pekora, and Oniya Jail Island. Nihongun was also involved in the Air Destroyers, leading to the destruction of the Watchmen. The Nihongun was featured in FitMC videos and 0channy Videos, getting many respect from their viewers and the community.

Air Destroyers

After the Sky Pekora was constructed, the Watchmen leader Beast_Machine was angry over getting the record beaten by the Nihongun. He was planning to build a giant Rick Astley, made of over 6 million obsidian, and began to trash talk City. In retaliation, City formed the group Air Destroyers to sabotage the Rick Astley project. The Air Destroyers would defeat the Watchmen in every fight, causing the Watchmen to abandon their project and disband, allowing Orsond and sleuth to form the new Watchmen.

3D Map Marker Exploit

While playing with maps in single player, City accidentally discovered the 3D Map Marker Exploit. Sharing the knowledge with Virl, Rebane2001, ZephaniahNoah, it became the most powerful crash and banning exploits in the server's history.