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"I would say I'm one of the most trustworthy people on this server."
JoinedMarch 19th, 2019
GriefsRed Castle
Alternative AccountsClrocDrip, Brownman_0
CurrentElysium, Teutonic Order, Larpers Union, Astral Brotherhood
PastBackstreet Boys, The Emperium, Imperials, Infinity Incursion, Followers of the Crafting Table, Brownmen, Peacekeepers, The Collectors Club, The Gulag (as a 2 second joke),Team No Trees, The Book Club, The Bakery

CirocDrip is a newfag who joined 2b2t on March 19th, 2019. He is largely known for insiding a majority of the major groups on the server and subsequently being banned from most of them. He currently resides in Elysium, the Teutonic Order, and the Larpers Union, the three groups he has not betrayed or insided over his time on the server. He would later found 2b2t megabase Avalysium.


The Infinity Incursion Symbol over spawn.

After a few months on the server Ciroc joined the Teutonic Order. After spending time in that group, he made his way into the Infinity Incursion where he became a significant member during its infancy. With the reputation he gained he was then invited to Emperium. Around early November 2019, Bachi approached Ciroc, asking for him to inside the Teutonic Order and Emperium for the Infinity Incursion and promising to give him the rank of co-leader. CirocDrip agreed, and after Patch stepped down as co-leader of the Infinity Incursion, Ciroc was promoted. His first major accomplishment on the server was helping coordinate the Infinity Incursion symbol at spawn, which at the time was the largest obsidian symbol.

After growing attached to the other groups he was in, Ciroc decided he did not want to inside and backstab the groups he was told to inside. He came clean to TheDark_Emperor, leader of Emperium and Takeouts, leader of the Teutonic Order. They both argee to let Ciroc stay in their respective servers causing a relatively large amount of outcry. Tired of Bachi's manipulation, Ciroc and former co-leader of the Infinity Incursion, Patch, formulate a plan to take control of the server from Bachi. After confronting Bachi, he angrily banned the two from the server, so the two ousted Bachi for his general abuse of power within the server. It was agreed that Bachi keep control of the public Infinity Incursion server while Ciroc and Patch get ownership of the private.

Around this time, Ciroc worked his way up through the ranks of several servers including the Brownmen and Passione (9b9t). He successfully insides the Imperials, completely deleting 13 Imperials discord servers and griefing over 25 Imperials dupe stashes across multiple servers. A person named Solour68 made a video calling Sato86 a "brazilian jungle monkey and shit", instigating drama between the two. However through Ciroc's large amount of influence across multiple servers, he assisted in the creation of Sato's pedolarper videos. His insiding did not stop however and he proceeded to inside the Followers of the Crafting Table and the Collectors Club. Through the Collectors Club he gained access to the private "ice dupe" which he then proceeded to leak. In response to this a discord server was made called the "Anti-Ciroc Group". More and more groups began to recognize that Ciroc was not to be trusted. An episode was recorded on "The Anarchy Podcast" documenting much of his history and drama which occurred in order to clear his reputation on the server. Bachi also made his return to 2b2t and joined Infinity Incursion. He took control of the server back from Ciroc and Ethan and claimed responsibility for nearly all the changes made by them. Ciroc gained an interest in hacked clients and after befriending Crystalinqq he learnt about the security of clients. He leaked Aurora, ImpHack, and multiple other smaller clients. Enraged, Aurora doxxed Ciroc, leading to him taking a break from 2b2t.

When he returned, he found Emperium and Aurora allied. Upset with the way Emperium handled the goon squad and who was added, Ciroc vented his general anger and plans to coup the Emperium to monkeyman. Ciroc didn't know at the time, but monkeyman was insiding another group for Emperium and in close communication with TheDark_Emperor. Ciroc's plan to coup the group reached TheDark_Emperor, who banned Ciroc after hearing about it. Really, the Ciroc just wanted to gather a group together to discuss with Emperor the problems him and several others had with where the group was going. Ciroc was banned and lost nearly all of the trust he still had on 2b2t. He moved to 9b9t for a period of time, playing with Elysium members. He assisted in exposing 9b9t player Shreda5 as a pedophile and insiding Imperials yet again.

After his stint on 9b9t he came back, and along with Elysium, The Teutonic Order, and the Larpers Union, and is attempting to rebuild his relationships across different groups.


Sato's Pedolarpers Video

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