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Approx. JoinedLate 2015
BasesBlock Game Mecca
TypeGriefer, Programmer
PastThe 4th Reich, Spawnmasons

Chunkr is a griefer and a programmer. He is known for discovering the Crafting Dupe, being a member of The Fourth Reich, and being a member of Block Game Mecca.


Chunkr joined 2b2t in late 2015 after reading the Vice article on the server. He befriended C4RTM4N, and played the server regularly until the Rusher War. Chunkr joined the 4th Reich when it was created and participated in a variety of griefs with them, including Point Nemo and Helios.[1] While in the 4th Reich, Chunkr was introduced to Slappnbadkids, who brought him to Block Game Mecca upon its foundation in January 2017. Chunkr was also invited to the Spawnmasons upon their foundation. Chunkr discovered the Crafting Dupe (often called the 'Chunkrdupe') in late July 2017, and subsequently released it to the public.[2] Following the grief of Block Game Mecca, and amidst rising queue times, Chunkr stopped playing in 2018.