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A chunkban, is an exploit where player(s) are kicked consistently from the server due to an error involving glitched chunks. This is commonly linked to collision corruptions or chunks containing excess data.


Vanilla chunkban kick message
End's Closed (Image created by The Book Club, Nov 2019)

Note: All methods listed are patched on 2b2t as of 20th April 2020

  • FPS Lag - Uses very simple machines, which exploit Minecraft's lighting mechanic. It is Patched when the NoRender module is turned on.
  • Sign - This method consisted of filling a chunk with 2MB of sign text, this is by far the most efficient chunkban method, therefore patched on most servers
  • 7-Layer - Consisting of the illegal cyto player heads, these could be placed in large quantities in a chunk. Taking around 2,000 to ban a chunk
  • Banner - Using data rich banners, a chunk can be filled up and banned with around 20-30 Layers
  • Furnace - This brute force method somehow got under the threshold of actually fitting into a chunk, it requires 44,000 furnaces and cannot fit into (2b2t's) nether
  • E-chest - a slight improvement on furnaces, but a pain to build with. Ender Chests are only useful when duped on mass and are harder to grief.
  • Enchanting Table - Very rarely used due to the frame rate issues when building, does not offer much significance over furnaces and E-chests


Meme created by u/TheLampGod in February 2019.

Claims of chunkban usage go back far since it has been a bug since the beginning of the game, so feel free to add your experiences here.

Early 2018 - Widespread usage of FPS Lag Machines at Spawn to kick players who used a Vanilla Client. Armorsmith's Followers, Emperium, and members of Block Game Mecca, among others, spam many of them at significant locations and especially griefed areas around spawn.[1]

Early 2019 - Sign chunkbans were used around nether 0 0, along with the slogan "spawn's closed". This was patched by Spigot shortly after.

Nov 2019 - The Book Club used banner and 7-layer chunkbans throughout nether spawn to wreak havoc on queue times and new players. Use was discontinued after Hausemaster patched illegals and NoServerNovember was over.

April 2020 - The Bakery used furnace and e-chest chunkbans at key locations in the overworld to reduce queue. These had almost the same level of effectiveness as the much more compact patched designs.

  • 7th - 12th, Chunkbanning the comet at Ziggy town with a furnace chunkban.
  • 17th - 20th, Chunkbanning 0, 0 with e-chests causing an amount of spawnfags and yesterfags to get banned.

April 20th 2020 - Hausemaster patches chunkbans though a rework of chunk loading.

October 2020 - rockeZZergon creates a machine utilizing enchanting tables that, once turned on, cannot be approached to turn it off. Several accounts are priobanned in efforts to take a schematic of the device.