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Chunk Haven
Inhabitants_Henry_, _m_o_t_h_r_a_, 0x22, BigGud, BoomerangVillage, BottleCapBrony, Breithan, Chipoff, Cloverfrost, DarkXL6, Dectonic, EntropyAnndroid, FamilyPumpkin6, Garden0fEden, Hanscor, IronException, Joey_Coconut, LordGalvatronMC, LordNo, Lunch_Katsu, MeltMe, Negative_Entropy, Nekramite, Nemac, NetherRad, NickHasCancer, Nordic93, OverFloyd, PepsiLord420, Phoenix19, Raaanch, RainAura, Rathause, Rooster548, Sage_Matthias, SalC1, SankuGG, Terbin, TheFunnCubes, Todarac, Wailn, WarlordN1k, Zaanga, ZippieDooDah, brochacho6, futsin1, kyle_rayner_ion, leijurv, rebane2001, ufocrossing
LocationX:27900 Z:89750
StartedOctober 03, 2020 (four years ago)
GriefedJune 05, 2021 (three years ago)
GriefersTeam Rocket and others
World download
LinkNot Available

Chunk Haven was a large spawnbase founded by the SpawnMasons. The base featured glitchy chunk terrain as a theme and lasted from October 2020 to June 2021.


General History

The terrain for Chunk Haven was originally found in early 2019 by WarLordN1k, following the 100 km x 100 km world download of spawn. WarLordN1k frequently browsed renders of the 100k download in his spare time in order to find interesting locations. He sat on the location for a year before deciding to build a SpawnMason lodge there with SalC1.

Chunk Haven was founded in October 3rd, 2020, originally as the location of the SpawnMason lodge celebrating the discovery of the pack.png seed. After the completion of the pack.png hill, Negative_Entropy decided to continue to build in the area, and the place quickly turned into a spawnbase for the SpawnMasons. Many members and guests of the SpawnMasons were invited to Chunk Haven, as it proved to be a low-risk testing ground to see who would contribute to the group and who would not. Many guests invited to Chunk Haven became SpawnMasons while at the base, such as Raaanch, RainAura, Rathause, DarkXL6 and Dectonic. Many individuals found the base throughout its lifespan due to its proximity to spawn.

An example of a build "cut in half" by chunk errors by Guddy and NetherRad

General Theme

The general idea behind Chunk Haven was to build chunk-glitch-themed builds, due to the glitchy and corrupted chunk terrain found there. It is unknown how the original terrain was generated or long it had been on the server, but most builds at Chunk Haven incorporated a glitchy / reverted chunk style into their builds. A large portion of builds at Chunk Haven are aligned to chunk boundaries in this manner.

A top-down view of Chunk Haven, demonstrating the glitchy chunk nature of the base


SmibbyLand was an amusement-park-themed area to the north of Chunk Haven. The park was built by Todarac as an event held by the SpawnMasons. The entirety of SmibbyLand was almost as big as Chunk Haven itself, in terms of land area. 'Tickets' to SmibbyLand consisted of customized, single page books, with the name of the recipient and a barcode. The tickets were given out one at time, once a week, for 3 months leading up to the opening ceremony. Anyone who did not have a ticket was forced to give a valuable item instead, or was 'employed' at a so-called 'McDonald's' at Smibbyland. The opening ceremony of Smibbyland was attended by ~15 people, including the majority of the active SpawnMasons at that point in time.


On June 5, 2021, a group consisting of Ashley5172, b11, ConnorMCAV, FreeLees HauseJewsPrio, c0mmie_, Luzonensis, Manoma, Memoryzzz, Pixelati0n, Sleuthy, Gravixous and others began griefing Chunk Haven. The SpawnMasons leaked the coordinates in global chat, did their best to drive off the griefers, and completed the grief themselves.[1] As revenge for the Chunk Haven grief and the destruction of Todarac's spawn lodge on the same day, the SpawnMasons griefed several bases and stashes owned by the griefers or within several degrees of separation of the griefers over the following week using the Nocom database.

External Links

Negative_Entropy's cinematic of the base