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PastThe Judge's Group
Not to be confused with chris_leighton, an alternate account of popbob

chrisleighton was an oldfag and server regular that played from 2011 to mid-2012. He was known to be quite a sadistic player to the general community, through his claims to be 'king' of 2b2t and griefs. He created a lava spawn trap at (0,0), which instantly killed respawning and new players.



Chris at what's presumed to be a base by the Judge's group. Courtesy of Sato.
A recreation of chris' skin. (Credit to bob21345.)

Chrisleighton was known for lava-trapping (0,0) and is thought to have "begun" the tradition of spawn killing. He was also on record to have dug early parts of the +X Axis Highway.


Chrisleighton was infamous for spamming the chat with this message: "CHRISLEIGHTON IS THE KING OF 2B2T! U MAD N****RS! U MAD NEWFAGS!". He spammed it so widely that most just accepted it to stop him from spamming it. The /ignore command was not present during this time, so there was no way to prevent his chat spamming apart from affirming his view.

Most of his base-mates and other 2b2t players tolerated him, until one day when x0XP had become sick of his ego and presence as 'king' of 2b2t. x0XP spoke to chris's real-life friend SnackyNorph and was able to get chris's mobile phone number. x0XP later used this to dox him and had SionThePhion call him. This caused chris to quit playing on 2b2t in response for good.

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