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Approx. join dateFew days before April 27, 2011

Reddit Username(s)u/chezhead

CurrentNew Facepunch Republic
PastFacepunch Republic

chezhead is the founder and the former President of the Facepunch Republic.


chezhead joined 2b2t on April 27, 2011 after seeing an advertisement on promoting 2b2t. chezhead built Camp Facepunch the day he joined. He attempted to organize the facepunchers, and they based at Camp Facepunch. The next day, the battle of grey skulls took place, and the Facepunch War began. Camp Facepunch was griefed by Luke2thebun after only one day. chezhead would make more bases during the war and they would nearly all be quickly griefed by the established population on the server. Around August, the Facepunch Republic began a sharp decline. In October 2011, chezhead had seemed to have left 2b2t for good. However, in November 2019, out of nowhere, chezhead returned to the server. He subsequently founded the New Facepunch Republic

Authentic Posts from chezhead (More to come)

History of Facepunch Involvement on

This was retrieved by James_Rustles from the depths of the facepunch forums, it details the Facepunch Republic [1]

Upon the Shoulders of Giants

Upon the Shoulders of Giants was a Facepunch Republic post created on April 27th, 2011 by Chezhead. This later created a large group and retroactively became the first post of the Facepunch Republic. It can alternatively and commonly be seen as one of the first times a large influx of players joined due to a form of media tracking attention. It is archived here