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What is Autism in reference?

When we’re referring to autism on this wiki, we’re ussually referring to really ego inflating, dumb, unesscesary, kind of odd, spam, shit posting, and the like in such a way that your mother and father would like to disown you. Examples of autism in its most concentrated form was the unedited babbling of Small Clans and groups who over exaggerate there stories on 2b2t to get clout, even though they know damn well they’ve never lasted more than a Minecraft day in that place. For more info, and possibly the literal definition, google it. Seriously. Or just go on 4chan. There are many eye witness accounts and images proving it’s a large deposit of liquid autism within its confines.’’

Now that you understand what it means (assuming you went and researched), have fun (or not) scrolling through this.

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