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JoinedSeptember 2016
BasesSmibville, Christmas 2020 Party Base
GriefsInfantry base
TypeBuilder, Group Leader

CasparovJR is the co-founder of Highland and is a Spawnmasons member.


CasparovJR joined 2b2t in September 2016 after reading a newsweek article about the server.[1] He established himself in the outer spawn and played for about a month before taking a break. He returned in April 2017 and met TheGrandLotus, who geared him. Together they founded Highland, which CasparovJR named after a battle tactic endemic to the Scottish Highlands. After having a falling out with TheGrandLotus, the recent Highland recruit P529 invited CasparovJR to the Spawnmasons. After becoming a full member of the group in May 2017 alongside Ain, Krobar01, Anar_NL and ufocrossing, the Spawnmasons became his primary group. He attended a number of lodges (such as Ain's Airship) before going inactive for the better part of 2 years. He returned to build at Smibville and help on The Masonic Eclipse. He also aided in the creation of Sato86's '2B2T PLAYER PATROL - Part II - The Pedolarpers' video and accidentally helped leijurv improve the Nocom tracking system. He later built at the Christmas 2020 Party Base. Since then, he has played intermittently.

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