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JoinedMarch 19, 2019
BasesElysium I, Elysium II, Elysium III, Avalonia, Avalysium
TypeBuilder, Group Leader
PastElysium, The Book Club, Passione

Carlll_ is a builder and the leader of the defunct Elysium group, as well as a co-leader of Avalysium.


Carlll_ joined 2b2t on March 19, 2019 after watching Antvenom's 2b2t video.[1] After spending time in Spawn with other new players for several months, Carlll_ founded the Elysium group with the base Elysium I. While at Elysium I, Carlll_ participated in The Book Club, and helped to discover the lag exploit that made the event possible. Elysium I soon fell, and Elysium II was also short-lived. While moving a stash from Elysium II, Carlll_ met Noah3j, leader of Avalonia. After a short period at Elysium II, they co-founded Avalysium together. After drama with basemembers Ionar and DrBeardStash, Carlll_ also aided with the relocation to the new Avalysium location. Carlll_ helped to lead Avalysium for much of its lifespan, and contributed to a variety of projects around the base, including his Mediterranean town and work on the various skyscrapers in the cityscape around base centre. Carlll_ also designed a massive volcano terraform and built the majority of it before Avalysium was griefed in April 2021.[2]