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Carezo is a griefer, explorer, and one of the founding members of TheNonBozos.
"Goo goo, gaa gaa."
JoinedDecember 2020
GriefsWebzone, Donfuer 20, Spawnfuer 20, Los Garr 2, Woodkeep
TypeGriefer, Explorer
Alternative AccountscsisDustin, Yizd, Yixs, Velnux, Lumbz, Spawncorp, Averalt
PastDonfuer, Watchmen Revival, Infinity Incursion, SBA, The Non-Bozos


Carezo joined 2b2t in December 2020 after hacking on clone anarchy servers. He met Averil and became close friends with him. They griefed DonFuer 20 together on March 13, 2021. Carezo joined the Watchmen Revival in June 2021, and assisted them in their conflict with the Guardsmen at The Homeland. He was promoted into the leadership of the group before nuking the discord with Averil after the Guardsmen conflict slowed down.

In August 2021, Carezo founded the TheNonBozos, a griefing group, with soggydoggy, Dom1405, and _handyman. Together they griefed several Spawnfuers, as well as Spawnfuer 20, Los Garr 2, and Woodkeep. The group slowed down in late 2021, and then ceased operating entirely in November, when Carezo was priobanned on all of his accounts for participating in No Server November 2021.

After a two year hiatus, Carezo returned to the server in January 2023.