CaptainHardhat's Pyramid

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CaptainHardhat's Pyramid
"Insanity is often described as doing the same thing over and over again, and on 2b2t, making builds can drive a builder insane." - Fit, July 14, 2016
Render of the pyramid
LocationX: -1,000,000 Z: -1,000,000
StartedSometime in 2013
FinishedSometime in 2013 (Possibly 2014)
World download
LinkWorld Download

CaptainHardhat's Pyramid, also known as Hardhat's Pyramid, is a massive build constructed by CaptainHardhat. The pyramid is known for its strange design and its close proximity to Imperator's Base.


While the exact date of its completion is unknown, the base was most likely built sometime in 2013. CaptainHardhat's intention of building it was simply to leave his legacy on the server and so he made the long trek to where the base currently resides. Several travelers to Imp's base discovered it on their way there and left the usual sign to state that they were there. Some even dedicated themselves to protecting the base. CaptainHardhat would continue to play for about a year but kept under the radar and eventually left.

The original base was leaked on October 14, 2016 by Lifeisgood72, and destroyed gradually over time as the highways expanded. However, it was rebuilt in a different location.


HardHat's Pyramid is a very strange and unique build. It is probably one of the most odd looking pyramids ever created in Minecraft. The base is made with lines upon lines of stone brick that all join together at squares with holes in the middle. The base goes like this all the way to the top, making the base look like some kind of optical illusion. The base is perfectly symmetrical all the way and with the same patterns repeated over and over again. The pyramid does not have a tip but rather a large gap between all four points, leading down through the holes below.

The base also included an underground hub where items with common living spaces and storage. Signs were often put here.


  • The base is located directly on the diagonal axis from spawn. With this in mind, it is also directly aligned with 2k2k.
  • While the base was built near Imp Base, CaptainHardhat was not part of Imps and the close proximity of the two bases was a complete coincidence. It is also reachable by the same highway towards Imp's.