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"You can trust me!"
JoinedJune 2016
PastSnackyNorph, Aureus City, Team Coca Cola

CancerChan is an infamous insider who became well-known for leaking the coordinates to several bases. He joined the server several days after TheCampingRusher. During his travels on the -X Axis Highway in the Nether, he came upon a relatively rich abandoned base, leading to many players misconceiving him to be an older player. The predominant theories were that CancerChan was an alt of either CytotoxicTcell or Caleesii, which lead to rumors that he was in fact a girl.


Aureus Drama

His most notorious act was the cause of the destruction of Aureus City. He went along with the rumors that he was a girl, with SnackyNorph subsequently sending a request for 'proof'. CancerChan sent pictures of his ex-girlfriend. They subsequently began to e-date. SnackyNorph brought CancerChan to Aureus City against the wishes of the other residents. After deriving the coordinates of Aureus, CancerChan traded them to taylo112, CorruptedUnicorn, and BenitoTortelini (who later leaked the coordinates publicly). The residents of Aureus subsequently griefed the base. After the drama, CancerChan leaked several bases to TheCampingRusher, which were mostly SnackyNorph's dupe stashes.

Team Aurora

During the waning days of the Rusher War, CancerChan found the Team Aurora HQ. He began to build at the base without being a member of the group. NedaT noticed, and invited him into the group. CancerChan soon betrayed them, leaking the coordinates of Aurora base in retaliation for Chloe2K15 stealing a stack of enchanted golden apples from him. CancerChan, along with his friend, Da99thWolf, began to grief Aurora HQ, causing the members to grief their own base after fighting CancerChan and Da99thWolf off.