Camp Facepunch

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Camp Facepunch
Inhabitantschezhead, xcc2, DeadDreamer, Greyskull, Phagocytic, other Facepunch Republic members
LocationX: 500, Z: 42
StartedLate April 2011
GriefedApril 28, 2011
GriefersLuke2thebun (Mweorz)
World download
LinkNot Available

In early 2011, Camp Facepunch served as one of the inaugural installations of the Facepunch Republic, marking its place as one of the pioneering Facepunch Bases.


Constructed to accommodate the recently arrived Facepunch residents, it was established sometime in late April 2011, potentially as late as April 27, 2011. On April 28, during the infamous "Greyskull's Stand" event, the base fell victim to an attack and extensive vandalism perpetrated by mweorz, who utilized a hacked client. Mweorz was, in fact, the alternate account of Luke2thebun, a 4channer who had successfully infiltrated the Republic's ranks. This devastating assault would go down in history as the pivotal moment that ignited the Facepunch War.

Original screenshot of Camp Facepunch
This screenshot was posted by Chezhead on the Facepunch forums on April 29, after Greyskull's Last Stand.[1]
Honestly, it was a bad idea setting up there anyway. It was too close to spawn.
- Facepuncher JCDentonUNATCO on April 28, 2011[1]

At present, it rests ensconced within a full-fledged lavacast, perched atop a section of the wither cave that has been entirely inundated with water, leaving it vulnerable to the possibility of complete submersion.


It was unknowingly going to be located on the 42 Z-Axis Road (Which itself was created by xcc2) after xcc2 made a spawn road tunneling through it. The base was also located at X:500 Z:42.


It was made using 8 towers of cobblestone connected by walls. In 2012, it was restored by DeadDreamer.