Camp Facepunch

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Camp Facepunch
Inhabitantschezhead, xcc2, DeadDreamer, Greyskull, Phagocytic, other Facepunch Republic members
StartedLate April 2011
GriefedApril 28, 2011
GriefersLuke2thebun (Mweorz)
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Camp Facepunch was a Facepunch Republic base in early 2011 used as one of the first-ever Facepunch Bases.


It was built to house the newly arrived Facepunch population sometime in late April 2011, possibly as late as April 27, 2011. On April 28, in an event known as Greyskull's Stand, the base was attacked and griefed by mweorz using a hacked client. Mweorzw was the alt of 4channer Luke2thebun, who had successfully insided the Republic. This attack marked the beginning of the Facepunch War.

Original screenshot of Camp Facepunch
This screenshot was posted by Chezhead on the Facepunch forums on April 29, after Greyskull's Last Stand.[1]
Aquote1.png Honestly, it was a bad idea setting up there anyway. It was too close to spawn.
- Facepuncher JCDentonUNATCO on April 28, 2011[1]

It is currently in a complete lavacast above a subsection of the wither cave completely filled with water, it is at risk of being completely submerged underwater


It was unknowingly going to be located on the 42 Z-Axis Road (Which itself was created by xcc2) after xcc2 made a spawn road tunneling through it. The base was also located at X:500 Z:42.


It was made using 8 towers of cobblestone connected by walls. In 2012, it was restored by DeadDreamer.