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CainesLaw is a midfag on 2b2t, notable for founding Aureus City and The Boedecken.

JoinedJune 6, 2014
BasesExodus, Aureus City, Asgard II, The Boedecken

Early history

CainesLaw joined in June of 2014 along with his friend, Tachrev. He spent his first few days on the server exploring, stumbling upon 700Base and spending some time there. Meanwhile, Tachrev had found an island 7k out from spawn. The two built an underground base at the site until around November of 2014, when the base got found and griefed. After exploring the server for a bit longer, they settled on another site, this time much further out from spawn. Here, they built Exodus. After x0XP dumped a list of coordinates on Facepunch, CainesLaw went exploring again and found more bases, one of which was Shenandoah. He met EX0DlSS and the rest of the base members, and they started to use each other's bases for things that they needed. This continued until about February 2015, when Exodus was griefed. Tachrev and CainesLaw were preparing to move yet again but were invited to Asgard II. As they were vouched for by the members of Shenandoah who were a part of the base already. CainesLaw was at Asgard II for about a month until it was griefed in April of 2015. He participated in the Third Incursion with the rest of the Asgardians, and went on to found Aureus City.

Time at Aureus City

Aureus City was named for its massive gold farm, built by CainesLaw, which produced so much gold that the city was decorated with it. Although never a part of Valkyria, he invited many of its members to build at Aureus City - bringing lots of talent to the base, and leading to some beautiful architecture, along with some incredibly efficient farms. The large population and scale of the base lead to it being considered the largest of 2016.

However, nothing gold can stay. Nobody knows exactly how the coordinates got leaked to Aureus City, but the most accepted story is that SnackyNorph gave the rough coordinates to CancerChan, who got even closer coords after CainesLaw panicked after being presented with them. In any case, the base members griefed their own base in late 2016, and had to move on.

Time at The Boedecken

By late 2016, The Rusher War was in full swing, and Aureus was griefed to shreds. CainesLaw decided to found a base he called "The Boedecken". He invited former members from Aureus City and other people he trusted, under the one condition that nobody speaks of the base; mentioning it to others and screenshots were strictly off-limits. For the next 2 years, the members of The Boedecken built in complete secrecy, creating one of the greatest bases in all of 2b2t history. The base was griefed and the coordinates leaked in May of 2018. Noticing how most of the damage was to his precious items collection, and how Beardler was the first to report the damage. CainesLaw accused Beardler of griefing the base, kicking off the BoeMeccan Witch Trials. Beardler was found guilty of leaking the coordinates of both The Boedecken and Block Game Mecca.

After the griefing of The Boedecken, CainesLaw has been mostly inactive on 2b2t, playing on Constantiam and a few private servers, but mostly limited by a lack of IRL time to play Minecraft and Anarchy.


Aureus City

The Boedecken

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