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Inhabitants_m_o_t_h_r_a_, 0x22, 1Charlie3, BoomerangVillage, BottleCapBrony, Breithan, Cloverfrost, DieloTai, D_loaded, EntropyAnnDroid, Hari_Hari, HermeticLock, IronException, l_amp, leijurv, Mr_Pint, Negative_Entropy, Nekramite, NickHasCancer, Nordic93, OverFloyd, Terbin, Todarac, ufocrossing, Wailn
Location221253, -337700
StartedMarch 9, 2020
GriefedMay 30, 2020
GriefersAlphaComputer, D_loaded, Fit, HermeticLock
World download
LinkNot Available

COVID-2147, also controversially referred to as DonFuer 18, was a SpawnMason group base founded on March 9, 2020, as a place for members to build during the quarantine of the COVID-19 pandemic. The main base area consisted of a rustic city atop a terraced landscape, built by D_loaded, which also served as the 18th DonFuerian base according to D_loaded, though it is not recognized as such by the other base members. It had a total of 23 members throughout its almost three-month lifespan until its grief on May 30, 2020, which resulted in drama among the base members.


The location for COVID-2147 was chosen by NickHasCancer. He cites the reason for creating the base as for it to be a "sister base" to Vulcatavio, an early 2017 SpawnMason base, from which its style is inspired. He invited a "full members' list" of people upon its founding.[1]


Mountain and cat flushed balloon

The first month of the base saw the ground terraformed into terraces, and the construction of houses and buildings, including an on-site dupe stash. D_loaded joined a month in.[1]

The main city buildings by D_loaded were rustic townhouses, primarily using a block palette of spruce, terracotta, stone variants, and quartz. The underground city buildings, also by D_loaded, were constructed of stone variants and dark prismarine. Buildings at the base were interspersed with gardens and hidden alleyways. Other notable builds include a mountain by NickHasCancer, a member totem pole by Breithan, the missing texture cube by _m_o_t_h_r_a_, the dance hall by D_loaded, the cat flushed balloon by Breithan, the SpawnMason hall by Nick and Todarac, and the large central basin dug by NickHasCancer and Todarac for a future uncompleted project.

Controversy and grief

After a plan was revealed involving HermeticLock attempting to obtain ownership of the SpawnMasons once more and the proposal to drive out a number of members, HermeticLock renounced his brotherhood and left the SpawnMasons in May. He went on to make a new group also called the SpawnMasons, later renamed to the Guardsmen.[2]

Hermeticlock and D_loaded staging the grief

In June 2020, a FitMC video was uploaded about the base, claiming that Herm had conspired to symbolically destroy the Masons by griefing it.[2] D_loaded, a main builder and friend of Herm, reluctantly agreed to join in the griefing, unbeknownst to the other builders at the base. The scheme turned out to be an elaborate plan by Herm and D_loaded to stage a dramatic ending for the base, with the goal to get D_loaded's work featured in a FitMC video. Before the griefing began, D_loaded edited his signs around the base to reflect the new name he had decided for it, DonFuer 18, without consulting the members, to make it seem like he was doing all the work. This resulted in drama among the base members due to D_loaded compromising the base just to be in a FitMC video.[1]

The name was changed by D_loaded without consulting the members to Don Fuer 18 to make it seem like he was doing all the work. In reality, he was at a group base during the end of school and many of us were fairly busy at the time. He took this as it was his to do whatever he wanted with when in reality many of us had started to return to build. The original name was Covid-2147, we even discussed changing it to CovFuer and D_loaded agreed to that, but I'm guessing he wanted more credit for his 15 minutes of fame.
- NickHasCancer[1]



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