C4RTM4N is a 2b2t player known for founding Olympus, and helping to discover BedTP.

BasesOlympus, La Rosa, 2b2t Creative Mode Project
TypeExploiter, Builder



After searching for a vanilla server with no rules, C4RTM4N joined 2b2t in 2015. He quickly founded Olympus with several friends he brought to the server. He was often online at the base, and intermittently added new members to his base. They tended to be selected based on their names in the tablist and mannerisms in chat. The first two additions to the base were alien803 (aka BenitoTortellini) and Babbaj (then known as Babbaj20), whom he met while exploring Ziggybase.

C4RTM4N slowly invited more players to Olympus, such as 666iluminati and Aryvas. When inviting new basemates, C4RTM4N walked them to the base from spawn, with the self-stated intention of "[building] trust and [preventing] people from leaking coords right away". _Sharpie_ was invited, and various builds took shape at the base as well. The name 'Olympus' was derived from one of _Sharpie_'s builds.

Meanwhile, C4RTM4N began construction on his ISIS Mapart near the base, which was the largest mapart on 2b2t at that time at 3 by 2 maps.[1]


Following a poorly implemented update of PaperSpigot, C4RTM4N and taylo112 discovered BedTP.[2] The two of them built bedchains to multiple locations, such as Olympus, Valkyria, King's Landing, and Imperator's Base. Olympus was leaked when drewbookman followed the bedchain and observed it in use. Following the destruction of Olympus by drewbookman and OreMonger, C4RTM4N built a bedchain to OreMonger's Clock Base, and griefed it along with Babbaj, _Sharpie, alien803, c1yd3i, iTristan, jared2013, fr1kin, and IamTUNA.[3]

C4RTM4N and taylo112 leaked BedTP to Branillon, so that he would build a bedchain for several of his basemates who had wanted to go to The Lands. The idea was that C4RTM4N and taylo112 could then ride the bedchain to The Lands to grief it. The base members of The Lands broke the final bedlink when it was not in use, delaying the grief a considerable amount of time. iTristan and popbob were brought into the griefing group, which enabled jared2013 and taylo112 to grief the base in March 2016 when popbob replaced the final bedlink.[4]

C4RTM4N worked with 000 attempting to find exploits for a time, before eventually going to La Rosa in early 2016. The other members of the base had decided to move to Constantiam as a result of the Fourth backdoor and C4RTM4N's association with Nerds Inc. With one of these exploits, he used portals to teleport to the -,- World corner and -,- Nether Corner in April 2016.[5] BedTP was subsequently patched.


With the creation of BedGodMode, C4RTM4N BedTP worked again. This unpatched version was used to bring TheCampingRusher to The Lands.[6]. It worked as late as early 2017. The Bedchain to La Rosa, however, proved to be the base's downfall, when Slappnbadkids found the bedchain, and griefed the base with Invictus, before bringing the base's stash to Invictus II. C4RTM4N went inactive temporarily after losing his items, although he duped a new stash in the 11/11 Dupe. With these materials, and a newfound trust for Slappnbadkids, they founded the 2b2t Creative Mode Project (aka the Heart of 2b2t) together, inviting many builders from La Rosa, former members of the then-disbanded Invictus, and several others. As a result of a beacon-block Jesus statue being placed on the highway closest to the base, the location was quickly discovered by both Tim_Mcnukepants and Parthicus. Parthicus griefed the base on Christmas Eve, 2016. Following the grief of the Creative Mode Project, C4RTM4N did not join the former members of the Creative Mode Project that then founded Block Game Mecca, and decided to stop playing 2b2t. C4RTM4N resumed playing briefly in 2021 to visit the ruins of Olympus.