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This page is a redirect page for other builds that are not as known or famous on the server. In order to have your build here you must follow the community build rules. Pages can be made about these builds, similarly to famous builds, but cannot be on the top navigation (except this page).

Rapture 3

Rapture 3 on September 4th, 2016

Rapture 3 was a Nether base founded on August 14, 2016 and was griefed sometime before October 20, 2016. It was populated largely by members of Judge's Group.


Mawchester World Download: MediaFire

Mawchester was a base built by Team Furry. It was built on August 30, 2020 and lasted until January 12, 2021. It included a fire watch tower, two Yos huts, a fountain, a carrot/wheat farm, four small houses belonging to various members of the base, a bar, and a trading post. The base was surrounded by a cobblestone castle walls with look-out towers at the corners of the base.

Members of Team Furry who resided at the base:

  • Busterdogtnt
  • HaxxorElite
  • Nugget
  • SomeGuy
  • ChadHendrixs
  • Yos
  • Wulfy
  • Blazzy
  • raze97
  • Augie297
  • KrA1Zy_K1D
  • digandbuilder

Non-members who visited/found the base:

  • tuxprint

The Order Of The Tower (Ireton)

In November of 2016, Irevore began constructing an obsidian tower. The monument was considerably massive, spanning from bedrock to sky limit. After the 2017 April Fools 2b2t map, Irevore decided to invite five other people to help build the tower. Most of whom were around to witness Doctrzombie's Fort Dick.

  • April 10, 2017: ForgottenHarmony arrived at the tower with IvoireThePaladin. Three days following their arrival, Crayfisher2012, Janne1204, and D0NTkillKENNY arrived at Ireton. They began to build their own personal sections on the outskirts of the main tower location.
  • April 16, 2017: With the tower still under construction, the base members took a break from construction of Ireton and decided to build a lag machine that would bring the tps down to five or lower. They called it "The Hexagon", due to the hexagonal-shaped platforms it was designed with. The original design was able to cut the tps in half. With multiple revisions, "The Hexagon" was capable bringing the tps from twenty to five in a matter of minutes. This lag machine would become outdated as a result of design-tinkering, and a server upgrade. It was ultimately abandoned.
  • April 19, 2017: The members of Ireton were able to gain lots of materials from a donkey dupe, until it was patched on April 21, 2017.
  • April 29, 2017: Kraze7997 joined the base on the behalf of ForgottenHarmony as he had taught the group how to perform the donkey dupe. This brought the final member count of the base to seven.
  • May 3, 2017: Crayfisher2017 built a cobble generator, able to churn out a stack of cobble every minute.
  • May 17, 2017: With the tower nearly finished, The Town of Ire (Ireton) had begun construction. This will later turn into the hub of the tower.
  • May 29, 2017: With the obsidian rings surrounding the tower all but cleared out from stone, a glass lava sphere on top of the tower had started being put together by the basemates.
  • c. June 29, 2017: Crayfisher2012 and Forgottenharmony began a journey towards +X 1 million on an errand to gain glitched items on a tip from IvoireThePaladin who was contacted by an anonymous user. The items turned out to be old Glitched Enchanted Books.

The leader of Ireton, Irevore, has since stopped playing 2b2t. However, Irevore is still indeed active with the team on Discord. The large obsidian tower stands unfinished, looming over Ireton as a centerpiece. Although, despite Irevore's inactivity, the base is still semi-active; with ForgottenHarmony, Crayfisher2012, and other basemates logging in once and a while to complete their personal projects in The Town of Ire.

How long will the base stand? Only time will tell.

Pictures of the base will be posted when the base is found and/or griefed.

Oceania IV

Oceania IV
InhabitantsIHackedWalmart, Rayzo, Sreardon2020
StartedFebrurary 2017
World download
LinkNot Available

Oceania IV (not to be confused with Oceania) was a base that began construction in February of 2017. It was built by Rayzo, Sreardon2020, and 6Mil. Although it began construction in February, the base was abandoned for a handful of months before Rayzo and IHackedWalmart returned to it during late August of the same year, with plans of completing the base.

Oceania was based on a build of a large circle in the ocean, settled over the centre of an old ocean monument. It was divided into hundreds of 5x5 sections spanning down fifty blocks to the bottom of the ocean. Oceania was then drained and mined out, leaving an empty hole where the proud ocean monument once stood.

Oceania's main attraction is the gaping hole in the centre, with the 6Mil memorial at the bottom of it. It also features several smaller holes around the centre one, and ginormous obsidian statues of various ocean monsters, gods, and dragons. There are many more attractions planned for the base as time goes on.


Here are some more screenshots of Celestia: Imgur

Celestia was a base founded in late 2016 by RobMaster21. It lasted until late April of 2017, where it was insided and griefed by Parthicus and http_logan. The base at it's prime had 10 members:

  • RobMaster21 (Leader)
  • _Henry_
  • ImmortalYogurt
  • Diagoporotin
  • Niftyrobo
  • Mr8Wilschr
  • Crazy_Queen_Lisa
  • Chrissipo
  • Fuffer
  • SpicyStuff

Great Spawn Wall

Sixth Incursion poster featuring a render of the Great Spawn Wall

The Great Spawn Wall was an enclosure around spawn that utilized the practice slave labor throughout its construction. It was the main public works project of the Sixth Incursion and used 1.6 million blocks of obsidian in a 1000x1000 radius of spawn.

It was shortly destroyed after its finalization by Armorsmith's Followers, and anti-incursion movement. The Great Obsidian Wall was also destroyed griefers who were kicked out from the Sixth Incursion.

The Valley Of Crafting Tables

Render of The Valley Of Crafting Tables.

Constructed by The Followers of the Crafting Table, The Valley of Crafting Tables was very large area of land that was terraformed into crafting tables. It was located 25,000 blocks away the origin of the overworld +X axis highway.[1]

The Valley Of Crafting Tables has been severely griefed.

The Oppidum

Screenshot taken August 13, 2020. Here are some more screenshots of The Oppidum: Google Drive

The Oppidum began construction on June 18, 2020 by the small group No Cane No Gain.

Meant to resemble a large doomsday bunker, the name was inspired by a large private apocalypse shelter located in the Czech Republic. The interior of the bunker was ultimately never finished, although it did include several rooms such as a storage facility and a lobby area. The exterior included a massive obsidian Jesus statue, and a wall surrounding the area. The Oppidum was frequently worked on throughout the summer of 2020.

At beginning of autumn in 2020, No Cane No Gain had been insided, and The Oppidum's coordinates were leaked. The base was ultimately griefed by approximately five users. Although members of No Cane No Gain knew the grief would occur at some point in time, they enjoyed their time working on the bunker. To this day, The Oppidum sits in ruins.

Easter Island

List of small bases
Easter Island
InhabitantsSvenn_Svenn, MrAllNet, Fluffy140train, CuppyK, Eddie2b2t, CrossWay18, _MicahSlash_, BryceDey, Dima788, be4nbag44, KB_Hellman, villicool112, KitNightingale, RLbob, Franknificant, AndrewMC12, FencingF, Osmobyte, Nintendo2
StartedApril 14, 2022
GriefedApril 21, 2022
World download
LinkNot Available

Easter Island was a collaborative spawn base built by the members of Mew Revolution and Spawn Party Association.

The spawn base's coordinates was at one point a farm built sometime between 2019 and 2021. Although, the island contained signs dating back to as early as 2018. When the Spawn Party Association was looking to start a new spawn base, they found the farm and decided to construct their base there.

At the time of Easter Island's creation, the Spawn Party Association had a large overlap in members with another 2b2t group, Mew Revolution. The two groups ultimately decided to build the spawn base together.

Many members of the groups built at the island, as things were going quite well. However, on April 19, 2022, a creeper blew up the sign board at Easter Island. Initially, nobody thought much of this, but 2 days later, the base would get leaked to a player named Zd0lf, who was friends with Svenn_Svenn (the leader of Spawn Party Association).

Unaware that Easter Island was Svenn_Svenn's base, Zd0lf blew up the base. Sven initially was upset at him, but he explained how he had no idea that this was Svenn_Svenn's base, so he forgave him.

End bases

Death Star II

A base built by torogadude that was never completed and turned into a soup bowl.


A base built by Fit that was never completed and turned into a stone brick platform.


Armorland was built despite the coordinates being public. It is considered to be the farthest base from Spawn on 2b2t and has a map art museum in the Creeper statue.
Armorland was built despite the coordinates being public. It is considered to be among the farthest bases from Spawn on 2b2t.

A base built by Armorsmith that was made in 2017 at the world border corner of the End dimension at -30,000,000 -30,000,000.


The base was initially founded after Armorsmith stopped the usage of the original Carolina lag machine. It was during this time that a new exploit was made public, involving the Elytra PacketFly hack. Using this hack, Armorsmith was able to travel 30,000,000 blocks in the End with a single Elytra (which was later given to Fit as a gift in exchange for a book), and became the first player to ever see the World Border (and corner) in this dimension, on August 17th, 2017.[2] Armorsmith would then announce his plan to build a base at the corner.

Right on the day of his arrival, and after he posted the images of the corner he visited, his location was compromised by xxq.[3] Nevertheless, he proceeded with his plans.[4]

The base he built contained a Creeper statue, a diamond diagonal pathway which leads directly to the corner, a tower similar to the CN Tower in Canada, and the very first "Armorsmith Hammer And Sickle" Obsidian logo on 2b2t (which would later become the symbol of Armorsmith's Followers). It also had several Obsidian names past the World Border, including Armorsmith's name and the name of Modular.[5]

Eventually, the griefer 2v2t came to Armorland and griefed the base with a lavacast, making it one of the farthest griefs from Spawn in the server's history.[6]

Armorsmith built a museum dedicated to mapart that exists 2 million blocks away from Armorland, in which the chunks weren't loaded since 2017.



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