BryceDey is a builder and community member of 2b2t, known most for being the founder of the Spawn Builders Association, and is also known for participating in many community projects.

JoinedNov 9, 2019
BasesVesuvius, 69 Clubhouse, 69 Church, Easter Island, Corner Base, Larptown, Larp Vegas, Kingdom of Derp, Valley of Jesus, and all SBA bases
TypeBuilder, Group Leader
CurrentSpawn Builders Association, Highway Workers Union, Astral Brotherhood


10 Million Obsidian Spawn Bep Project by SBA, Based on BryceDeys Chat Meme
BryceDey's Mined Gap for Elytra Flight in the 2k Obsidian Spawn Wall
BryceDey, DanDucky, Kingsxtt, Paulsteve007, and XGamer_BePlayinX at the -69 -420 clubhouse

BryceDey joined 2b2t on November 9th, 2019, after the WWE Donkey Dupe was leaked to the public. Using this dupe, he got himself settled and began his first base, Vesuvius. He then took a break from the server, before returning in 2020, becoming far more active than he had before. In late 2020, he met members of the Highway Workers Union, joining the group in doing so. Later on, he met DanDucky, Kingsxtt, Paulsteve007 and XGamer_BePlayinX at spawn. This resulted in them forming a small group, which eventually lead to the founding and expansion of the Spawn Builders Association. Furthermore, this led BryceDey to his invitation of his first group base outside of SBA called the 69 Clubhouse started by the TSA, where he met other friends that would join SBA in the future, such as Baconator, YFUA, and many others.

Groups and Projects

In 2020, BryceDey joined the Highway Workers Union after meeting Tullybob and Dom1405, who inspired him to become a highway worker. Ever since, he has been heavily involved in infrastructure and Spawn Projects. These projects include the Eclipse, a Nether Spawn project lead by Oofplux with the task of preventing new players from escaping spawn by exploiting nether portals, and Bepitone, a Spawn Project spearheaded by the Spawn Builders Association of carving a giant sign 'BEP' into the Obsidian roof with Baritone. These projects, as well as his near-daily cleaning of Nether Spawn, lead to BryceDey's account having mined over 1 million obsidian, and further spread his influence.

BryceDey created the 5x3 gap in the obsidian 2k spawn wall, with help from his friend Dekto. Prior to the 1.19 update, players would struggle to find holes in the ceiling to fly out of. Bryce decided to change that problem in 2022 and made a hole for any spawn dweller to escape/fly out of. The project took 2 weeks and over 400,000 obsidian mined.

BryceDey was also vastly known for the creation of the "Bep" chat spam, and the following Bep spawn ceiling excavation project done by SBA which involved over 10 million obsidian mined to create the servers first inverse spawn logo.

Spawn Builders Association

In April 2021, BryceDey, along with the other members of the spawn party, founded the Spawn Builders Association. Originally founded to organize the cleaning of spawn, the group expanded into a community of players who maintain Spawnbases. The group's Central Double helix, a staple at every one of the over 50 spawnbases made, was originally inspired by one of BryceDey's solo bases. He lead the group for over 2 years before leaving the group in September 2023, due to conflicts within the leadership.

BryceDey leading a Purge Night with SBA Trusted Members