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Brownmen "Mascot"
Approx. founding dateNovember 2019
Number of members~34
Number of bases"6"
EventsNo Server November, The Book Club, Bakery, Quarantine

Brownman or "The Brownmen" are a group of players on 2b2t founded during No Server November. They are known for building ban chunks, Lag machines, queue skip services and general abuse of Hausemaster. The Brownman logo is based off of the discord ":man:" emoji. They often work with similar minded projects focused on server abuse. The members formulated during the events of The Book Club, and became an actual group afterwards they jokingly claim they have a backdoor aswell.

Brownman subgroups/projects

  1. The Book Club
  2. Bakery
  3. Quarantine

Brownman meme

The brownman meme originally was created by HouseHouseHouse1 in 2019 just as a meme. The brownmen used this meme as there "mascot" and would use it from there on out.

Snowcone / Queue Skip

Snowcone is a meme created in November in order to make everyone believe that the frequent crashes were caused by alpha snowballs. The majority of snow cone methods were Undetectable by hause, this allowed members to use it without worrying about priority bans.

The main use of snow cone was skipping queue after hause priority banned a lot of accounts. there was a channel where queue skips would be announced, players would get in queue at the right moment and get into the server within minutes (in normal queue). This worked by kicking players off the main server without crashing it.

Hausemaster got so angry that he started iP - Priority banning accounts, to combat alt use. This however, didn't work.

There consisted of 8 total snowcones, each being used once the latter was patched

  • Snowcone v0: dubbed "Bible crash" discovered by Redstoner in Oct 2019 was the process of filling a chest with shuckers of large books and loading it repeatedly. This crashed the server near instantly (stopped processes after a few seconds and everyone timed out). Hause patched it by enabling book banning which started the whole shit show above.
  • Snowcone v1: Classified / unavailable to public
    • Snowcone v1.1: Classified / unavailable to public
    • Snowcone v1.2: Classified / unavailable to public
  • Snowcone v2: Classified / unavailable to public
  • Snowcone v3: Classified / unavailable to public
  • Snowcone v4: Classified / unavailable to public
  • Snowcone v5: Classified / unavailable to public
  • Snowcone v6: Classified / unavailable to public
  • Snowcone v7: This method used a [Redacted] packet spam exploit to make everyones ping extremely high. Hausemaster actually put out an announcement in TAB begging for the exploit Hause begging for exploit.png
brownman_420, a member of the Brownmen. All members of the group use this skin.


brownman HQ (existence of this base is disputed due to it containing bedrock)

browntown 0.5


browntown 2 - The "Unridable base" was a 128x128 area surrounded by chunk bans, this essentially made it impossible to access unless the central nether portal was lit form the inside, hause removed the chunkbans after 1 week of operation. (existence on this base is disputed due to the logistics of how it was done) Here's a photo of it:

Browntown 2

browntown 3

browntown 3.5

Photo Gallery

hhh1, jared and courier6 backdooring r/2b2t
Disclaimer for people before they get chunk banned



The Book Club

The Quarantine

The Bakery


Small Group Alliance (SGA) (and associating groups)


The Gulag

The Infinity Incursion

Fight Club




Team WAO




Chunk ban at 0 0 nether, bait stash being constructed
Kek machine being built at 0 0 nether