Brotherhood of Iron

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The Brotherhood of Iron
FoundedNovember 2017
DisbandmentFebruary 2018
LeaderWitBlue, ByAntoinerGy, 2b2tandchill/SleepyGhost
BasesJunkTown, Vault 13 and a few outposts around spawn

The Brotherhood of Iron (or BOI for short) was a small group founded by WitBlue and ByAntoinerGy right after ElRichMC uploaded his video on 2b2t. Their goal was to unite Spanish and English-speaking players and focus on build projects together.


WitBlue met ByAntoinerGy in his first day on 2b2t, they added each other on Skype and decided to meet in a small outpost around 10k from spawn. They had big dreams for this newly found server, so they decided to create their own group and recruit some other Spanish-speaking players. Out of the two, WitBlue was the only one who could speak English, this lead to him trying to socialize with the community and finding himself at the Penny Dropper, there he found 2b2tandchill and mouhou, who both agreed to join the Brotherhood.

They went from outpost to outpost recruiting Spanish players at spawn until they settled around 1mil and started building JunkTown. They needed more recruits but the Spanish newfags weren't experienced enough to reach 1mil by themselves, so they also created Vault 13 close to spawn in order to gear them up for their journey to JunkTown.

The group collapsed due to inner conflict, WitBlue stopped playing for a couple of months too and this killed the group for good.

Notable Members

  • WitBlue (Founder)
  • ByAntoinerGy (Founder)
  • 2b2tandchill/SleepyGhost (Leader)
  • mouhou/hime-sama
  • Linn
  • ElTitoOxy
  • axelcar