Brotherhood of Diamonds

The Brotherhood of Diamonds was a group established in 2011.

Brotherhood of Diamonds
Brotherhood Flag
MembersMasterV, Urue_101, Flamereaper666, Sleeprocket, "B", Arkandy, Mestarit, Keo, others.
BasesMany small outposts around spawn, Caveman's base


The group originated from a group of friends: MasterV, Urue_101 and Flamereaper666. Urue_101 was the first to join the server, followed by MasterV, who had found the concept of the server interesting when it was explained to them. Flamereaper666, a friend of Urue_101, was invited shortly after. The three friends discovered an abandoned base along the western highway which contained minimally damaged underground farms- resulting in it being named "Bounty Mountain" within the group. There they found a diary titled 'Caveman''s log', likely written by the original owner of the base. The group decided to rebuild it as an initial base and formed the Brotherhood. The group's activities were localized within the spawn region, with goals centered around helping new players. Notably, a series of plans were shared between MasterV and Urue_101, ranging from rough schematics for the refurbishment of Bounty Mountain to (fairly infeasible) concepts for making spawn 'escapable'. A second base was later established after a possible attack on Bounty Mountain, being established a 'reasonable distance' away via the Nether, 'hidden under a village near a swamp'. [1]

The group assisted xcc2 in the defense of NFE against raiders from ‘The Pylandia’ and ‘The Vikings', and also appeared in Judge’s 2b2t comics series from 2011. Over time the group had lost multiple bases - including Bounty Mountain (possibly due to visible refurbishment and construction above ground, or simply because of proximity to spawn), and somewhere near 2015, the group informally disbanded due to stagnation and the slow attrition of active members. A banner named after the group showed up in 0xymoron’s museum at Ragnarok in 2016.


  • The group was often confused with the similarly named Fellowship of the Diamond - which was also established in 2011 - but had no connections with it. For a long time the brotherhood was credited for actions by the fellowship, or vice versa.[2]
  • The group is home to the oldest civilization in 2b2t history, dating back to 2011 with its rich history of sign logs, bases, and outposts.
  • None of the founding members used hacked clients, which may have contributed to the decline of the group due to the power imbalance between its members and anyone they would have come into conflict with.


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