Brotherhood of Diamonds

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Brotherhood of Diamonds
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Brotherhood Flag
MembersMasterV, Urue_101, Flamereaper666, Sleeprocket, "B", Arkandy, Mestarit, Keo, others.
BasesMany small outposts around spawn, Caveman's base

The Brotherhood of Diamonds is one of the oldest groups on 2b2t, even being described in early issues of THEJudgeHolden's comic. It existed from some time in 2011 (from the finding of their founding base) or possibly February 6, 2012 (an alternative founding date), to sometime in 2012. Their activities mainly consisted of distributing diamonds around Spawn, and helping newfags.


The Brotherhood was founded by the players MasterV, Urue_101, and Flamereaper666. It began when MasterV discovered an abandoned base along the -X Axis Highway. He and his two friends decided to rebuild the base, and they found a diary titled "Caveman's Log" within the base. It was assumed that the writer was the original owner of the base. Eventually, the three got the aid of Sleeprocket and an unknown player to rebuild the base. After Urue_101 fell into lava in the Nether, MasterV collected his gear but was attacked by a then-infamous pvper, LovesTwoSplodge. MasterV successfully escaped Splodge. Immediately after this encounter, the group founded The Brotherhood of Diamonds.

The group's activities were localized within the spawn region, with goals centered around helping newfags. Multiple attempts to revitalize Spawn with grass, trees, and crops were made, but rarely lasted. The group also helped xcc2 and x0XP defend the NFE from a raider group known as the Vikings/Dutch.

The Brotherhood however suffered several base griefs, losing both the "Caveman's Log" base (though not the log itself), and subsequent rebases that were established further and further away from spawn. This became one of the major factors contributing to the slow loss of members, and the group eventually ceased to exist, with none of the players having been seen since.


  • Facepunch Republic - Most likely were friendly towards each other as the Brotherhood aided players at spawn.
  • 4channers - Most likely friendly for the same reason as the Facepunchers.
  • The Vikings (The Dutch) - Enemies as the two fought each other in a battle for xcc2's and x0XP's base.
  • Fellowship of the Diamond - Neutral (No relations)
  • Judge's group - Friendly, as the two groups had many similar activities such as recruiting and helping players at spawn. Judge Holden also included the group in his comics.


  • Coincidentally enough, around the same time, another group known as The Fellowship of the Diamond formed.
  • Since the two groups were lost to time and information was forgotten, the Brotherhood was credited to have done things that the Fellowship did despite the two being completely different groups and having nothing to do with each other.