Breithan is a newfag on 2b2t, first joining the server as a part of the Rusher Invasion and playing on and off ever since. A Spawnmason and a prolific map artist, he placed over 1.8 million obsidian blocks for the Masonic Eclipse and is the creator of 89 pieces of map art.

"Please label me as a proud Rusher"
JoinedJune 6th, 2016
BasesMu, The Autumn Drain, COVID-2147, Cloud Club, Smibville, Autistralia, Chunk Haven, Sky Masons, Spawn Migration
Current2b2t Party Committee, Spawnmasons



Breithan first joined the server as a part of the wave of Rushers on June 6th, 2016, seeking the challenge of escaping spawn. He played for about a week until a queue was implemented. Lacking any sort of hacks that would help him stay in queue, and lacking any actual interest in the server at the time, he would quit playing on the server until 2017, when the frenzy died down and the queue became manageable.

Upon joining the server again, he met BoomerangVillage through chat, and the two began to dig the +X +Z nether highway, with Breithan digging out the section between 35,000 and 135,000 blocks from spawn. He also created the "Fit Victorious" statue of Fit killing TheCampingRusher, which ended up being featured in a video by BarrenDome. BoomerangVillage quit playing on the server at some point, and after "a month of no hack highway walking" Breithan got bored with 2b2t and quit as well.

Return in 2018

At some point in 2018, BoomerangVillage returned and asked Breithan to do the same, and the two built a base. During this time, BoomerangVillage noticed that players rarely interacted on 2b2t outside organized groups and short PvP matches, so the two of them founded the 2b2t Party Committee to organize events to change that. The first event they hosted, the 2018 Halloween Party, was wildly successful, so the two followed it up with the 2018 Christmas Party. 2018 was also the year that Breithan started making map art.

2019 and Involvement with the Spawnmasons

A group of Spawnmasons showed up to the 2018 Christmas Party, and became friends with Breithan and BoomerangVillage despite looting and griefing the base. Breithan and BoomerangVillage were eventually invited to join the Spawnmasons, and Briethan was involved with the Autistralia, Smibville, and Cloud Club lodges that year. As part of his involvement with the Spawnmasons, he placed 1.8 million obsidian blocks for the Masonic Eclipse using Baritone bots, ranking 6th overall for blocks placed in the build.

As part of his activities with the Party Committee, the 2019 Halloween party broke player gathering records, and was followed by a successful 2019 Christmas party. Additionally, Breithan's map art took off in 2019, and many of his art pieces became widespread in the community, even being discussed by Etika and carried by Fit. In particular, map art road signs (for use in the nether) and a map art vending machine proved to be the most popular.

2020, 2021, and Beyond

Despite taking a 5 month break from 2b2t in 2020, and a 9 month break in 2021, Breithan still found time to build and organize many things. COVID-2147 and The Autumn Drain were bases that he was able to participate and build in, and though he was invited to Mu he did not build anything before the base's eventual leak and grief. The 2020 Christmas/10-year anniversary party once again broke the player gathering record, with 141 players attending the party at once. Breithan built at Chunk Haven, before vanishing from the community for over 6 months in 2021. Breithan returned in 2022 and built at Sky Masons until its grief, constructing his Catflushed Snail Man and Sky Masons Aquatic Center. Following the fall of Sky Masons, Breithan built at the Spawn Migration, and individually built the most out of any other participants in the base. In 2023, Breithan built at the Spawn Aquarium and The Isle.