bread_loafs is a builder who has been at a variety of bases, such as The Autumn Drain and Adamantium. He is a member of the Astral Brotherhood and Spawnmasons

Bread loafs
BasesCum Zone II, Halicarnassus, Gaza, Adamantium, Base Nostalgia 2020, NFE 2020, The Autumn Drain, Mediano, Fort Joe, Rat House, Uranos, The Calculator 2, Vega, Menegroth, Astralia, Okab, Nautilus, Poppy Town, New Lugdunum, Sky Masons, Spawn Migration, Dubrovnik
Alternative Accountsbread_loaves, SignedBook, me_lon_cat
CurrentAstral Brotherhood, Spawnmasons
PastCrimson Star, Adolf_Hitller's Private Army, Shortbus Caliphate, and Guardsmen


bread_loafs joined 2b2t in June of 2020, and explored the server alone for several months. In September of 2020 he joined Crimson Star and met y_a_t_a, I_tri, Joey_Coconut and Hurtmercury. Shortly after he joined Crimson, he was invited to Cum Zone II where he became one of the lead builders at the base. In October of 2020, bread_loafs participated in the 10th Incursion along with most of the other Crimson members. During the Incursion, bread_loafs was one of the main Enchantment table placers at nether spawn and built at the Incursions Spawn base, The Library.


When the Incursion concluded, Crimson disbanded, and bread_loafs joined Shortbus Caliphate. He built at a multitude of bases and projects with the group. His First SBC base was The Calculator 2. bread_loafs was one of the original members of this base before the rest of the group was invited, by virtue of it really being an 0Neb Appreciation Group base. He helped build the central parts of the base and the Wrath of 0Neb. After the Fall of Calc 2, bread_loafs was invited to help with the NFE 2020 rebuild, where he helped rebuild a majority of the base. The he was invited to invited to Halicarnassus, where he began a large quartz structure to house and showcase his book collection.

NFE 2020 rebuild


In early January 2021, bread_loafs was invited to build at the joint SBC-Guardsmen base, Adamantium. After Adamantium, bread_loafs became an active Guardsmen member, along with most of the rest of the SBC. With them, he participated in many bases, including Mediano, Whistler, Canopy, The Crypt as well as building at The Homeland. Bread_loafs left the Guardsmen with the majority of SBC in early October of 2021, following drama with orsond.

A Render of Adamantium

Astral Brotherhood

In August of 2021 bread_loafs joined the Astral Brotherhood along with a variety of other players. Bread_loafs became one of the most active members of the group, achieving the rank of Solarium and participating in many of the group's projects, such as Menegroth.