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JoinedEarly 2012
BasesZiggyBase, King's Landing, KinoGrad Base, Imperator's Base, The Lands, and Fenrir
Alternative AccountsTheKingOf2b2t, others
PastNerds Inc

Branillon was a 2b2t player who joined in 2012, rarely referred to as 'The King of 2b2t' as he took on the name himself after several other players. He based at ZiggyBase, King's Landing, KinoGrad Base, Imperator's Base, The Lands, Fenrir, and several other bases, and is a member of Nerds Inc.


Branillon reveals he has been negotiating with Nerds Inc to obtain OP privilege.

Branillon joined 2b2t in early 2012 and was invited to ZiggyBase by xcc2, where he would make an underground farm. There, he got in an argument with popbob, who then griefed his underground farm and killed him. He left the base soon after. He was then invited to Algul Siento, but that would be griefed by IMBJR in early 2013. Somewhere along the way, he based on a mushroom island with popbob. Later, he was invited by Jacktherippa to The Lands in October 2013. Over time, he would get bored and /kill back to spawn. He was also invited to Imperator's Base, but since it was so far away, he had to use accounts already at the base. He would also be invited to Fenrir. When that was abandoned, he would found King's Landing with OreMonger and Drewbookman. The base would last until late 2015, when it was leaked when iTristan was trolling OreMonger and accidentally leaked the coordinates in chat. He would base at KGB until it was griefed by iTristan and c1yd3i.

At the time of the Third Backdoor, Branillon was in talks with Nerds Inc and knew what the Nerds would do just before the Week of Destruction. Branillon tried to negotiate with the Nerds to get OP access. Right before the grief of KGB, a few players including Jacktherippa leaked the backdoor by discovering and griefing iTristan's stash full of illegal items. This caused Branillon to rage and kill Jack's friend Parthicus for revenge. After the backdoor, Branillon would be admitted into Nerds Inc.

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