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Chatbots, sometimes called bots, are computer-controlled accounts made and operated by players for many different reasons and are commonly found on the server. Some bots have large databases storing chat logs, kills, and deaths, while others have interactive chat features.


RusherB0T originally ran on the John200410 account in 2017 while he wasn't playing, but then the old player priority was removed from all pre-june accounts, this includes John200410's accounts. This led to him quitting Minecraft. He then went on to come back April 2018, left September 2018 and came back February 2019. He now has Priority Queue on both his and the RusherB0T account, and is actively playing on 2b2t.


As categorized by John200410 himself


Command Explanation Example
!radius says who's in the bot's render distance !radius
!pos Gets a player's position if in the bot's render distance !pos JewishBot
!armor Makes the bot equip diamond armor !armor
!gap Makes the bot eat a gap if it is in his inventory !gap
!totem Makes the bot equip a totem if there is one in his inventory !totem
!come Makes the bot go towards you if you're in it's radius !come
!follow Makes the bot follow you until you type !stopfollow !follow
!stopfollow Makes the bot stop following !stopfollow
!health Gives the bot's health !health
!sword Makes the bot equip a diamond sword if one is in his inventory !sword
!attack Makes the bot punch someone if they're in his render distance !attack SpawnFaq


Command Explanation Example
!help Supposedly links to help, but in practice links to !help
!discord gives a link to the discord !discord
!motd Gives a random motd of 2b2t !motd
!que Gives the amount of players in the 2b2t queue (has to be !que because max rages) !que
!playtime playtime of the player. !playtime John200410
!quote Quote of a player !quote John200410
!firstwords First words of a player !firstwords John200410
!lastwords Last words of a player !lastwords John200410
!yomomma Insults your mom !yomomma
!online gets the amount of players of another minecraft server !online
!y/n Responds with yes or no !y/n
!dice Rolls a dice !dice
!task Gives you a random task to complete !task
!wyr Would you rather !wyr
!savemsg Saves a private message !savemsg I am secretly gay
!playmsg Responds with someone's private message !playmsg John200410
!cat Random cat fact !cat
!iam Tells the bot who you are !iam gay
!whois Lookup who people are !whois John200410
!leak Leak co-ords to everyone !leak 0,0
!seen Tells how long ago the bot saw another player !seen John200410
!gm / !gamemode Change your gamemode WORKS ON 2b2t! !gm creative
!quote Gets a random quote !quote
!infect Infects someone with autism !infect Budid
!insult Insults a player !insult John200410
!askgod / !askallah / !askrusher 8ball !askgod is rusher a christian!?!?!?!?
!give Gives you any item !give 64 totem_of_undying
!tp / !teleport Teleport to any player or any coordinates !tp world border
!back Teleport back to your previous location !back
!kill Kill any player or any entities !kill spawnfags
!op Give a player operator status on the server !op John200410
!tpa Request to teleport to a person !tpa John200410
!tphere / !tpahere Request a player to teleport to you !tpahere John200410
!tpaccept Accept a players teleport request !tpaccept
!tpdeny Deny a players teleport request !tpdeny
!sethome Sets a home that you can teleport to !sethome
!home Teleports to your home !home
!uuid Gets the uuid of any player !uuid JewishBot
!oldnames Gets all of the old usernames of a player !oldnames John200410
!players Shows how many players are online !players
!wiki Searches Wikipedia on any topic !wiki Donald Trump
!verse Gives verses from Quran Bible !verse 1:1
!execute Executes player !execute x1D
!vote Vote for execution !vote yes
!report Reports a player !report John200410 hacking
!bless Blesses a player !bless children of africa
!time Gets the time in-game !time
!age Gets the map age (shouldn't be accurate on 2b2t) !age
!tps Gets server's TPS (shouldn't work on 2b2t) !tps
!ping Gets a player's ping !ping John200410
!worstping Gets the worst player ping on the server !worstping
!bestping Gets the best player ping on the server !bestping
!math Does math !math 2+2
!jew Searches for a jew !jew Adolf Hitler
!r Gets top reddit post on a subreddit !r 2b2t
!owner Bot owner !owner
!fact Responds with a random fact !fact
!randomurl Gives a random URL !randomurl
!cooltext Repeats what you say in a different font !cooltext ur gey
!mail Gets your mail !mail
!sendmail Sends mail to a player !sendmail x1D you're gay
!clearmail Clears your mailbox !clearmail
!delmail Deletes mail from someone !delmail x1D

Admin Commands

!suicide - Commits suicide - !suicide

!reload - Reloads the config - !reload

!go - Makes the bot go to coords - !go 100 100

!quit - Quits the process - !quit

!say - Repeats what you say - !say REEEEEEEEEE

!ms - Mass messages everyone online (don't use will most likely kick bot if more than 9 players are on) - !ms xd

!ss - Mass messages all players in the bot's render distance - !ss u r gey


In May of 2019 Killet uploaded a video using RusherB0T's commands to give it gear and help it travel to 1 million blocks overworld.


BibleB0t is a chatbot (now discontinued) created by 0x22, powered by python. BibleB0t is named for its constant references to Christianity, the bible, and christian morals. BibleB0t comes with a variety of commands players can use. The bot is most likely made in reference to an earlier bot by c1yd3i, which would let players play Bible quizzes in the chat.


  • !verse - allows the player to pick a verse from the Bible for BibleBot to read.
  • !execute - players type in the name of a certain player and BibleBot will start a vote to execute the player for a randomly chosen reason. it is not advised to "vote" because inorder to vote, player must do /kill yes or /kill no
  • !help - list all available commands
  • !joinmessage - this command lets players type in a message assigned to a players name. When that specific player comes online,BibleBot says the message in the chat. This is BibleBot's most iconic command. Note that players cannot set their own join messages
  • !joke - this command will make BibleBot tell a rather cheesy Biblical themed joke.
  • !askgod - this command has players ask a question to god,where god will then answer back with yes, no, or maybe
  • !report - allows players to "report" people to "the moderators" of 2b2t. When doing so, BibleBot will respond with '[Player Name], thanks for the report. A moderator will assist you shortly.' Of course there are no moderators on 2b2t and this command is entirely a joke.


  • BibleBot is one of the oldest chatbots on 2b2t, having existed since mid-to-late 2015. (Proof here)
  • BibleBot will announce where it spawns if it is killed.
  • BibleBot will greet new players by saying "Welcome [Player] To 2b2t, a peaceful queuing simulator" unless someone set a joinmessage for the player.
  • During October of 2016, BibleBot changed its theme from Christianity to Haramabe. This was only temporary.
  • After kinorana erased map data in February 2017, BibleBot greeted new players with "Welcome [Player] to 2b2t, a peaceful cartography server. To get started simply ask 'Hause, where are the maps?'"
  • In the lead up to the 2017 British Election, BibleBot became a Jeremy Corbyn worshipping bot based around 'Momentum Activists'
  • BibleBot is very easy to exploit. One of the most common way to do so is to type !execute (60 random letters). This will get BibleBot kicked out of the server for spam. This was briefly patched in February but it broke again after April Fools. Video[1]


LolRiTTeRBot was a chatbot created by LolRitter that was widely used on the server due to its database of kills, deaths, joins, leaves, and playtime. It is now used on Discord servers, as it is hard-muted on 2b2t itself.


!addfaq any text here Adds an entry to the FAQ database. You can get answers by using !faq or !faq number
!akronz "> Watch akronz!
!deaths Shows your own deaths. Use !deaths username to get another users deaths
!deaths top|total|username top: Shows top 5 users who died | total: Summary of all recorded users and all deaths | username: Deaths from an individual user
!exodus "> Join Exodus today!
!fact(s) Shows a random fact.
!faq Gives you answers to all of your questions
!faq number Gives you a specific FAQ entry
!firstdeath Shows your first death message including when it was recorded
!firstdeath username Shows another users first death message
!firstkill Shows your first kill message including when it was recorded
!firstkill username Shows another users first kill message
!ignore username You can ignore a player to prevent him sending a !whisper to you (Use !unignore to unignore)
!ignorelist Shows you all the players who can't !whisper you
!join(s) or !connect(s) Shows your join/connect count
!joins username Shows the joins of another user
!kills Shows your recorded killcount
!kills top|total|username top: Shows the top 5 users with the most kills | total: Summary of all recorded users and their kills | username: Kills from an individual user
!lastdeath Shows your last death message including when it was recorded
!lastdeath username Shows another users last death message
!lastkill Shows your last kill message including when it was recorded
!lastkill username Shows another users last kill message
!leave(s) or !disconnect(s) Shows your leave/disconnect count
!leaves username Shows the leaves of another user
!messages or !msgs Counts your recorded chat messages and shows them
!messages username Counts recorded chat messages from another user
!porn NSFW: Grabs a random URL from RedTube
!porn help/from|category NSFW: help/from: Data from RedTube API + Category link | category: Shows some categories which are available including the category URL
!porn categoryname NSFW: Use the categories from "!porn category" to only post videos from a specific category
!porn keyword NSFW: (Seperate multiple keywords by space) Uses the keyword to search for specific results
!q(ue)(ue) Shows the normal queue and priority queue count
!reddit Shows the newest post from /r/2b2t
!reddit new/hot/top Same as !reddit, just sorted by either new, hot or top
!reddit controversial Same as !reddit, sorted by controversial
!relidom "> Watch Reldiom!"
!rule34 NSFW: Shows a random picture from (Shortened with!)
!rule34 keyword NSFW: Uses the keyword to specify the search and shows a picture with that tag in it
!sago "> Watch ImSago!"
!stats Shows your recorded kills, deaths and calculates a K/D ratio
!stats username Shows the kills, deaths and KD from a specific user
!unignore username If you want to receive whispers (Through !whisper) from a player you ignored, use this command
!w username message You can use LolRiTTeRBot to whisper another player. (Player has to be online)

2b2t tools

2b2t tools is an open source bot that aims to provide all functionality of LolRiTTeRBot trough an api.

An example of /api/lookup/
Endpoint Description
GET /api/bot/status Get the current status of the monitoring bot.
GET /api/random Get a random chat message from the database.
GET /api/stats Get stats on chat messages and players seen.
GET /api/lookup/{username} Get detailed info on a specific player.
GET /api/queue Get the 2b2t queue lengths.

Less Popular Chatbots

  • GayBot - Discontinued, A bot that was intended to be useful, instead of spammy. Worked entirely through PMs. Had a few commands to calculate things, nickname yourself, and more.
  • 2b2tdotonline - Discontinued, One of the first bots of its kind, made to serve users with random coordinates from the now-renewed page, which used to be hosted by 0xymoron.
  • SpawnMason - Discontinued, A bot to serve the SpawnMasons.
  • PewDiePieBot - Discontinued, PewDiePie vs T-Series subscriber counter.
  • FoxBot - Discontinued
  • 2B2BOT - A bot with a private QueuePeek.