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Bombers are redstone and slime block contraptions used by players to drop lit TNT from the sky. These contraptions were mostly used between 2016 and 2020, before being disabled for three years. They were re-enabled after the mechanic enabling them was unpatched shortly after the 1.9.4 update.


Bombers tend to be used to clear terrain in a quick and efficient manner, although this efficiency also has made them an occasional choice as a method for griefs.

The first major instance of bomber usage on the server was by BastiVC in the Rusher War. [1]

The bomber was used to clear the hole for The Drain, and several areas in Block Game Mecca.

In mid-2018, several bombers were used to create the Great Spawn Trench[2]

TeamNoTrees used bombers to destroy trees and dirt at spawn around November 2019. [3]

Bombers were used by Brownmen to grief a King's Landing rebuild by the Guardsmen in late 2020.

They were used to clear terrain at both Mu and Sky Masons.

Bombers were patched in late 2020.

Bombers became usable again on September 9, 2023, post 1.19.4 update.