bobbers22 is a player who is known for being an overseer of Spawn Builders Association, as well as a stash/base hunter.

JoinedAugust 2020
BasesSBA 1-54, Valley of Jesus, Larp Vegas
TypeBuilder, Stash Hunter
Alternative AccountsPopbobbers, femboyhause
CurrentSpawn Builders Association


Early History

bobbers22 first joined in August 2020 and had an immediate interest in base and stash hunting. Within the first few weeks of playing, he found several stashes and bases using Future Client's efly configuration. Once Future's efly got patched, bobbers22 decided to make his first base. During this time, Elytra was not fully functional, nor was taking a horse through a nether portal, so he walked the highway until branching out on a tunnel at around 2 million blocks. While walking down this tunnel, he found a large stash with building materials and survival gear. Eventually, bobbers22 built his first base at 4 million blocks out in a Savanna biome. He played on and off for about 1 year before killing back to spawn.


After killing back to spawn, bobbers22 tried Crystal PvP at 0,0, meeting DavidMirtLive in the process of trying to crystal each other. The two began messaging in chat, resulting in bobbers22 bringing DavidMirtLive to one of his stashes he had found. The two played for a few days together before DavidMirtLive told bobbers22 about a group he was in called Saviours, which focused on helping new players first joining the server. During this time, bobbers22 assisted the group with placing watermelon around spawn for new players to obtain food, as well as breaking portal traps to aid new players.

Spawn Guardians

Activity in the Saviours group dwindled, which inspired bobbers22 to make his own group, Spawn Guardians. Spawn Guardians had a similar goal to Saviours, focusing on helping new players in spawn. After a few months, the Spawn Guardians server became more of a general VC server for players who spent a lot of time at spawn. This allowed bobbers22 to meet many new players, specifically Crystal PvP players. Eventually, he realized he was not interested in helping new players anymore, and pivoted his focus to cleaning up spawn and stash hunting.

Spawn Builders Association

bobbers22 was breaking portal traps at spawn one day when he ran into another player, DanDucky, who was repairing the traps that he was breaking. This led to bobbers22 killing DanDucky. Immediately after this, DanDucky messaged bobbers22 expressing that he was upset about losing the items he had on him after being killed. The two met up, and bobbers22 gave DanDucky his items back, in addition to a few kits. DanDucky then invited bobbers22 to his base he was building at, SBA 1. He spent a majority of his time in Spawn Builders Association, making many friends and moving up in the group.

Squid Game

In 2021, the Netflix show Squid Games came out and inspired bobbers22 to host an in-game version on 2b2t. With the help of Hovecs and David, they made several games that players would compete in to win a prize of 25 dubs. The first event did not go perfectly, but was still considered a success. They began planning a second event, with more prizes and more players participating. The Spawn Guardians server was then officially turned into the Squid Games server. Planning for Squid Games 3 had begun, and bobbers22 helped establish a group of builders including Hovecs, Minecraft Simon, YoMoBoYo, Harrissssonn and xrayessay to create builds and games for the event.

Stash Hunting/Base Hunting

Over the years, bobbers22 has found several high profile stashes and bases by focusing on hunting farther out from spawn. He found Forceken's base and stash, as well as Fluffbuck3t's shop stash. One day, while base hunting in the nether, bobbers22 entered a highly loaded area in the nether. After flying around for a while, he found a portal and followed an over world trail for a short period of time before finding a pearl bridge with several SpawnMasons standing on it. At the end of the pearl bridge, he found the un-griefed Sky Masons base.